What does it mean to be at war?

What does it mean to be at war? This used to be a very simple straight to the point question, but now it seems that you can be at war but not actually be at war.

If you take the current world events, we have the United States in Iraq, under false pretenses, they admit to that but still say that they are doing well. Let us look at this situation a little closer, before the United States invaded Iraq, the residents of Iraq only had one evil to fear and they knew it well and were dealing with it on their own. I am not saying that I condone the actions of the Sudam government, I am just pointing there was only one evil. Today, residence are now dodging the bombs from overhead US aircraft, ducking from mortar shells from insurgents, and have Iran right next door that is acting a little fishy.

What should we be learning from this? Let us go back to the time when the United States was pushing the invasion idea to the UN Security Council. No matter how hard they tried to convince them that foreign intervention was required, the Security Council knew that the US was just trying to secure oil production. Canada did not blink and said not this time you go at this alone, so the United Kingdom said hey what the hell why not play ball on this one. They too lied to their citizens and claimed that the reason for the invasion was because Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.

What is interesting is that the US invaded another country because they may or may not have weapons of mass destruction, but in actuality, the US is the only country that has used nuclear weapons on another country, and they didn’t use it against a military force they dropped them on two populated cities of civilians. So we have Iraq which used chemical weapons on its own people which would be considered a form of civil war, and we have the United States that has dropped nuclear bombs on other countries civilians.

I am really trying to see who the better of two evils is. Let me make something clear, I am not saying the US citizens are liable for the crimes against humanity that the government is. But we need to start asking more questions here. During World War II, SS officers were under orders from above to murder and kill Jews and others. Iraq war 70 years later, US troops are under orders to light Bagdad like a roman candle. Today we search and prosecute SS soldiers for crimes against humanity, maybe we also need to start prosecuting US soldiers for the same. Remember the Iraq war is not sanctioned by the United Nations they wanted to continue the diplomatic route.

The US invaded a sovereign nation under false pretenses, lied to its citizens and its soldiers about the reason they were putting them in harms way, they have admitted to lying to these facts. And now find them in a situation they cannot win.

But let us look at this another way, Bush has been quoted saying that enemies of democracy are enemies to the United States. That creates a large list of countries that are now considered enemies.

My view on this topic is straight forward, for some nation’s democracy works and is the greatest aspect of their society, but in other nations socialist governments work. And yes even communist and dictatorships can work. Take Hong Kong, you have a communist government in power, but the people like it that way, everyone has a job, no one is worried about crime, its almost like a utopia. Then take Sweden a pure socialist government, now pure socialist and communist are very close, except that in a socialist nation the government is elected instead of appointed. The point is, the world does not need to be like the United States, just because they enjoy electing every freaking level of government from the President all the way down to the bloody Sanitation manager. Under true democracy, democracy does not work. You are left with endless amount of corruption because the people that are voted into those positions are not always qualified to be there.

Every time I have wrote this topic my access logs have large numbers of dot gov, now as a Canadian citizen I enjoy the freedom of speech and can write this without fear that my government is going to make me disappear, wait we have a Conservative government now, dam if I go missing someone make sure my plants get watered.

I know most of you are saying that I am just on another rant and that my words are falling on deaf ears, but if you stop talking about and stop thinking about, it makes it alright for it to continue, you need to stand, speak your words, stand up for what you believe. I do not care what your opinion is, all I care is you have one and you are proud enough to tell it to me, and let others know. There is nothing worst then a person that is afraid to speak, it is amazing how much your words can do, so if you find the need to bitch me out please do, if you agree with me that is great, if you are unsure of the whole thing then say so and take the initiative to learn more for you can come to a conclusion.

This rant started with me point out no difference of the US and the Nazi’s, but as you can see the main point was that under any form of government you need to speak and show your pleasure and displeasure or you will let the US invade your for no reason.

This rant was brought to by the letter D.


One thought on “What does it mean to be at war?

  1. kevan

    I agree with almost anything except I am beginning to question the idea that the citizen can not be held responsable for the acts of the government. They, the citizens knew they had been lied, have seen the evidence of corruption, the torture carried out by their sons and daughters, and the murders left unpunished.

    And yet they still re-elected the bastard.