The Third Way

Well the Klein government finally released some of the details on their “Third Way” plan, and I can tell you right now I don’t like it. I know you are saying to yourself that hell he never likes anything the government is doing. But wait before you go crazy let me tell the reason behind my madness. He’s new plan would see public sector professionals to also work and collect money in the private sector. What does this mean, well if you were working in the public sector then were given the choice to work in the private sector and be able to charge what ever you wanted for procedures, what would you do. This is just going to leave the people that cannot afford to pay for medical procedures with no doctors, and longer wait times. I have nothing against private healthcare, but the simple rule is no public money can ever be spent to fund a private clinic.

What Klein proposes would see public tax payers money to fund private facilities because they believe that the private sector reduce wait times and do it at a lower cost. But wait a minute a private clinic is there to make money so they are going to charge more for procedure over a public hospital would. The public healthcare system is not there to make money hell they don’t charge for procedures. So how can the private sector be cheaper if they are going to inflate the price to make a profit to recoup the capital needed to start a clinic.

My other beef with this idea is that the Klein government is complaining that cost and increasing the spending is out of control. But wait a minute the population of Alberta is booming of late and is seeing 10s of 1000s of people coming each month. More people = more health problems = need more money. This is a very simple equation.

Remember this “Third Way” breaks the Canada Health Act, and is illegal under Federal Laws.

Write your local MLA and MP to fight this, everyone should deserve healthcare even if they cannot afford it.