Did God Make Science or did Science Make God

A recent article in the Globe and Mail made me think that peoples faith is really starting to get in the way. Everyone that knows me knows that I am a firm believer that there is no God. I am not preaching here but maybe it is time we all lived our lives and stopped worrying what God/Gods will do to us when we kick the bucket. Really life is much simpler than we give it credit for. You plant a seed, watch as it germinates, first leaf, then the second, within days there is a small piece of life growing on your window sill. Did God do that? or was the simplicities of life happen in front of your eyes.

I know this is a touchy subject for most and I tend to only come by this one every few months to make sure the haters are still around.

But back to the Globe and Mail article, Gary Goodyear Canada’s Minister of State for Science and Technology has been accused of applying funding cuts based on his religious beliefs. If this is true then I give up on government right now because in this country Church and State have nothing to do with each other.

In recent years more and more we hear that there is no difference between science and God, they are one and the same. In fact I have started reading more that God created evolution. Know I think that the fundamentalist are reaching to try and use God as the answer for everything. I have said for years if there is a God it is yourself, you are your own God and the things you do are for the better of yourself. But a great creator that decided that the third planet from the sun within the Milky Galaxy will be the only planet to have life. Well that seems to be a very specific point of view right now we define life as anything carbon based; for what we know their could be silicon based life out there, or life that we cannot even perceive.

From what I can get from reading religious text is that we use God as a way of explaining what we do not understand. Instead of trying to find a way to explain it. This is where that great battle between Science and Faith brewed. But if we start having the faithful say that science is God then they are not using science to explain the unknown they are back to saying the unknown is God. There is a distinction here that I think allot of people are missing or just don’t even want to discuss.

That is find but do not get offended when someone like me brings up this subject and thinks Faith believers are the ones missing the point. So lets keep God out of science and keep the science out of God, we all know our true God is money.