New Look

Well as you can see, the site is looking a little different, well for awhile I am trying out to see how well this new BLOG systems handles conpared to the one I was using before, the database is almost exact so its not too hard to run them at the same time. But As currently I am running on the default look it should change over the next few weeks. So tell what you think about the new look.

5 thoughts on “New Look

  1. Cabrinie

    I don’t like it much, cause I don’t see alink to my site anymore – am I not important enough for that.? I mean other than that, I like this one way better. The fonts and colours are way cooler. I think you may have to let me have this one.

  2. Cabrinie

    Oh yeah but the comments sux, too much technical stuff cluttering it up. Needs to be simpler.

  3. ReCk

    Awww you dont like the tech stuff.

  4. Cabrinie

    Its too busy and to hard to read. Thats the part I don’t like.

  5. Hackboy

    I like how the comments let you use HTML, can you do that in B2? Decent site, but I know you can do better if you change the look around a little bit. Let me know how this works out for you.