Ha Ha Ha

Well it took not worthy Prime Minister Haper only a few hours to break his campaign promises.

Let us look at some promises that he stresses.

I will not appoint senators unless they are elected. HAHAHAHA Mr. Fortier was not elected as an MP but will be appointed to the Senate for he can be part of the cabinet.

Not worthy Prime Minister Haper, also stressed that he would not allow party jumping and would make them sit as independents until a by-election could be held. David Emersson elected as a Liberal in the Vancouver, has jumped ship and will sit as a Conservative cabinet minister.

So much for his government accountability, it has only been a few hours and he has already broke his promises.
More and more this is pushing me to seek nomination for my riding for I can try and show people what government is all about.

3 thoughts on “Ha Ha Ha

  1. kevan

    I wonder if guys like us can run for office, we are too honest and way way to angry.

    The key guy to watch is the clement guy in finance, this is a man how closed hospitals, schools and water treatment plants in Ontario under Harris. This is an evil guy.

  2. kevan

    Sorry it was Flahery who was finance in Harris’ governement and he left the province with a huge defict, Clements was health and he closed the hospitals.

  3. Tracy

    Of course honest people can run, you just have to get the local riding associations nomination, lots of petition and signatures but it can be done. Look Jay, my political science degree being of use.