HA HA HA Part 2

Okay Harper has just announced that he is canceling the Day Care Plan that the Liberals got all 10 Provinces and 3 Territories to sign (by the way not an easy thing to do). Remember during the election the not worthy Prime Minister Harper said that he would not cancel the program but add his to it.

He also announced that he is canceling the current Family Allowance system and replace it with a taxable 100$ a child system.

Now we know where the 23 Billion dollars that was missing is coming from.

I give the Conservatives even less time now, before they fall.

One thought on “HA HA HA Part 2

  1. Tracy

    What the hell, that’s it I’m starting a riot. The BASTARD cannot cancel family allowance, what the hell is he thinking. I don’t even give them the 14 months you did, I give them 6 to 9, just enough time for the liberals to elect a new leader. Harper is such an ass, going on and on about accoutability and he is killing everything the liberals worked for. Breaking all of his campaign promises in the first week in office is not a good sign, even with the economy doing as well as it is, I predict a recession if these morons are left in office. Bloody rednecks use your brains and stop voting for the goddamn conservatives