Evil Google?

On the most recent This Week in Tech their first news article was about the ad that was broadcasted in New York cities Time-Square. Scroll down to see video. This video was created by the Consumer Watchdog (click to read their article) to try and get the public to understand the power that Google currently has over your info.  But really only a select few will actually understand this video. Not too many people know the name Eric Schmidt and even fewer know that he is one of the CEOs of Google. So how effective is this video if your audience has no clue what is going on.

If you dig deeper into this, you might be able to make the conclusion that this is just a retaliation for something Google did to the Consumer Watchdog back in  February 2009. Read this article from Cad Metz titled Google seeks starvation of growling watchdog (semi-)apology for money-snuffing missive.

–Require the creation of an “anonymous button” that allows individuals to stop anyone from tracking their online searches or purchases: 86% favor; 9% oppose.
— Ban the collection of any personal data on children under the age of 18:  84% favor; 10% oppose.
— Prevent online companies from tracking personal information or web searches without your explicit, written approval: 84% favor; 11% oppose.
— Ban online companies from tracking and storing information related to children’s online behavior so they can target them with advertising:  83% favor;  12% oppose.
— Require the creation of a “do not track me” list for online companies that would be administered by the Federal Trade Commission: 80% favor; 12% oppose.

– Quote from Consumer Watchdog

Did you read that quote carefully, I hope you did cause it just shows how much the Consumer Watchdog does not understand about the internet. First they want a anonymous button. Well in any modern browser there is a feature to switch to a browsing form that that your info is not tracked. Ban the collection of data from youths, well to be able to this, wouldn’t you need to have information on every single user on the internet and need to know when each user under 18 is using the internet, which in turn breaks the actual ban. Prevent online companies from collecting without your knowledge, if you read any websites Privacy Policy you will see that it does tell you what it is collecting and why. And the last one well that is just another data collection database so breaks the same rule they are trying to ban.

Some times I just do not get how some of the smartest people are the dumbest when it comes to thinking through their ideas. Unless they have an alternative  reason to ban and collect your data.

What do you think?