Pandemic, Group?

So we are into week two of the H1N1 vaccine program, and honestly I cannot believe what I am seeing.

First rule of a Pandemic, DO NOT ASSEMBLE IN GROUPS, Second rule of a Pandemic, DO NOT ASSEMBLE IN GROUPS.

What have we learned here? And if you do not know why you should not assemble in groups, simply think of the spread.

But not only are they getting people to assemble in groups they are getting people to assemble in groups outside in the cold. So while you and your family stand beside the person that is spreading the flu to you, the cold is lowering your immune response allowing you to absorb that flu even quicker.

What we need to remember is that this is a flu, only difference is that it spreads fast. A few years back we had the SARS outbreak which if that had become worst it would have been really bad, at least SARS is a disease that is something we should fear and it kills. The flu kills when you have an underlying illness. The news stated that 100 people have died this year from H1N1 but 100 people probably died during that news program from natural causes. The media has over blown this to the point that the general public is scared out of their minds. My question is what are the world governments hiding that they needed to scare the whole world with a “FLU”.

Did God Make Science or did Science Make God

A recent article in the Globe and Mail made me think that peoples faith is really starting to get in the way. Everyone that knows me knows that I am a firm believer that there is no God. I am not preaching here but maybe it is time we all lived our lives and stopped worrying what God/Gods will do to us when we kick the bucket. Really life is much simpler than we give it credit for. You plant a seed, watch as it germinates, first leaf, then the second, within days there is a small piece of life growing on your window sill. Did God do that? or was the simplicities of life happen in front of your eyes.

I know this is a touchy subject for most and I tend to only come by this one every few months to make sure the haters are still around.

But back to the Globe and Mail article, Gary Goodyear Canada’s Minister of State for Science and Technology has been accused of applying funding cuts based on his religious beliefs. If this is true then I give up on government right now because in this country Church and State have nothing to do with each other.

In recent years more and more we hear that there is no difference between science and God, they are one and the same. In fact I have started reading more that God created evolution. Know I think that the fundamentalist are reaching to try and use God as the answer for everything. I have said for years if there is a God it is yourself, you are your own God and the things you do are for the better of yourself. But a great creator that decided that the third planet from the sun within the Milky Galaxy will be the only planet to have life. Well that seems to be a very specific point of view right now we define life as anything carbon based; for what we know their could be silicon based life out there, or life that we cannot even perceive.

From what I can get from reading religious text is that we use God as a way of explaining what we do not understand. Instead of trying to find a way to explain it. This is where that great battle between Science and Faith brewed. But if we start having the faithful say that science is God then they are not using science to explain the unknown they are back to saying the unknown is God. There is a distinction here that I think allot of people are missing or just don’t even want to discuss.

That is find but do not get offended when someone like me brings up this subject and thinks Faith believers are the ones missing the point. So lets keep God out of science and keep the science out of God, we all know our true God is money.


Millions of peaches for me, Millions of Peaches for Free, maybe the band Presidents of the United States had it right in their  song Peaches.

WE hear over and over that companies that have received bailouts or that are in the midst of a restructuring, or are going bankrupt are still paying out bonuses. Don’t get me wrong, if you are doing a great job and the company is flourishing that sure you deserve a bonus. But if the company is loosing money, investor are loosing money, and its obvious that you haven’t been doing the greatest job. What right do you have to get a bonus.

-This is starting to get absorb

If I was a U.S. citizen and my tax dollars were going instead of saving a company from going under but to pad the pockets of individuals that may have been the cause of the economic turn down I would be thinking it is time for a country wide strike.

Bonuses in the millions are being handed out like candy and this seems to be okay. Think about it, the average household income in the States was between $30,000 and $64,200 in 2007. Lets even take the highest number, for every million dollars in bonuses that would have been 15.6 jobs saved. Now take AIG who gave out $165,000,000 in bonuses that could have been 2574 jobs saved. I am happy that those bonuses are now going to be taxed at 90%, though it still means that people are getting bonuses that really shouldn’t be getting them right now.

Choices – The Downfall of Society

As we enter into what seems to be a very bad recession I had to ask myself what really caused this one. Yes it is obvious that the mortgage meltdown in the United States was the primary cause but let us look at the big picture.

Right now the North American auto industry is well… how can we say.. dying. But the they did it to themselves, our whole society is based on people getting what they want even before they know they want it. Car companies took this idea and created endless variations of vehicles that are really not needed.

The way a car company should be structured is simple. A 4 tier system, economy, consumer, luxury and Commercial. And within the tiers we have the sub-tiers, compact, sedan, and truck.

The problem is right now we have car companies making these tiers within each brand instead of making a brand a tier. Lets look at Ford Motor Company as an example, Ford has Mazda, Mercury, Lincoln, and Volvo. They also had Jaguar and Austin Martin but those have been sold off. But what does all mean well each brand carries roughly the exact same vehicle take the Ford Escape is the same as a Mazda Tribute, Lincoln MKX, Mercury Mariner, and Volvo XC60.The problem is not that its all the same vehicle cause yes a economical way of manufacturing, the problem is that when you start pricing these vehicles out they cross into each others price bracket. they all start around $30,000, why would you pay $30,000 for a Mazda and $30,000 for a Volvo they are different bracket.

The tiers should be nice and simple, and remember I am using Ford as an example.

Mazda Mercury Ford Lincoln Volvo
0-12000 12000-24000 24000-36000 36000-48000 48000+
These are the prices brackets that these brands should be selling in and not over, I am tired of seeing ads that show a vehicle starting at 16,999 but when you go down to the dealership there is not a single vehicle on the lot that is under $30,000. How is it there is almost double the cost in additional options, it is apparent that, that vehicle was never meant to be in that class.
But lets get back to the Choices problem, where is there so many freaking classes of vehicle.
  1. Sub-compact,
  2. Compact,
  3. Sedan,
  4. Mid-Size,
  5. Full-Size,
  6. Crossover,
  7. Wagon,
  8. Minivan,
  9. Van,
  10. Compact SUV,
  11. SUV,
  12. Large SUV,
  13. Compact Truck,
  14. Mid-size Truck,
  15. Full Size Truck,
  16. Coupe,
  17. Convertible,
  18. Sport,
  19. Exotic.

19 there is 19 classes of vehicles and more if you let the auto companies classify them. Think about 19 times 5 prices categories for a total of 90 models a single auto company could be producing. They have to design, market, manufacture, distribute, train, and hold in inventory 90 models, now add in the fact that Ford currently offers vehicles in 34 colours, and now we even have options for Hybrid, Natural Gas, Diesel, and Gas, plus each vehicle has different luxury classes so lets say on average 3, for a grand total of 38,760 different variations of vehicles a single auto company can be producing. This is the problem, don’t even get me started on the fact that there is difference based on regions within North American and not even counting the Brands in the rest of the world. Is it just me or has someone missed the boat here and over complicated the industry and the buyers have way too many choices now and are just fed up with it.

My tier systems allows for 4 Tiers, 3 Sub Tiers, 4 Engine Choices, and 5 Colour choices for a grand total of 240 possible vehicle variations. That is still a huge number but it eliminates duplication of the same vehicle, limits choice of colour, limits the classes to 1 for each tier.

So if you want a sedan, economy and diesel you will have 2 choices and 5 colour choices nice and simple.

I decided to pick on the auto industry, well cause it is easy, but this same concept can be applied to every. We don’t need 1000 different versions of TVs break it down to 26”, 36” and 46” if you need larger than 46” than you must have a room 40’ long and should think about the point of the TV. Right now we have 10, 12, 15, 17, 19, 20, 21, 22, 24, 26, 27, 29, 32, 34, 36, 37, 40, 42, 46, 50, 52, 60. Serious that many sizes are not needed, and then Type, Resolution, Connectivity, Quality. It just doesn’t end.

Stop making endless variations, stop making new models just because, you don’t need to have a new model every year. Make a model last a few years get the most out of the manufacturing technique make sure you actually made money on it before making a new model.

Right now our markets are flooded with choice and confusion. If you are a Product Manager step back one day and looks at every single model you are currently producing and think about what its costing you to keep all those products, simplify everything and you will realize that people that are looking for a product will suddenly understand that there is a difference between Product A and B and if B cost more they know why and you can go back to the days of selling based on quality.


The Time Has Come

Everyone knew that it would not last forever. The current economic conditions have forced me to move on from the Okanagan. I will first start my journey by heading East, as well there is not much West besides Vancouver but who wants to go to Vancouver.

If you want a visit let me know and I’ll add you to my travels.

Damn You Alberta

What can I say; once again the citizens of Alberta have disappointed me again. For those that know me I am not a big supporter of the Alberta Progressive Conservative party, but this is just ridiculous this time. 37 years, i repeat it has been 37 years of the same government, the same platform. Ed Stelmach ran on what he called a platform of “Change” how can you run on a platform of change if you are following the same ides of the previous governments for the last 37 years.

Don’t get me wrong the other parties did not step up to the plate, but it is time for something to happen.

My first grip is with Albertans in general this 2008 Election made history for being the lowest voter turnout in history. Way to go Alberta, way to stand up for what you believe.

Grip number 2, Alberta’s’ population is just over 3 million people, but has 83 seats, 83 freaking seats. And it’s not even proportional representation, its let’s give the rural regions who make up very little of the population the most seats and give the cities just enough to keep them quiet.

Grip 3. 37 years, yes there have been bad years, but with the value of the natural resources in Alberta even a freaking monkey could have balanced the budget, even a rat could have paid off the debt. But coming from a Alberta born, and left the province for lack of services, dismal education, low pay for anyone outside the oil industry. And for the largest group of racist, ignorant groups i have ever seen.

I am so tired of the stupidity that I see coming from Alberta, wake up and smell the damn flowers Alberta, you are so blind to what is going on that you cannot see that your province is imploding on itself. You need thousands of doctors, but the PCs’ make room for 50 more doctors. You need thousands of nurses but still have not increased the amount seat available in schools. Schools barely have enough money to pay the bills, a NE hospital is going through a 100 million dollar expansion but it will sit empty because there will not be enough doctors and nurses to staff it. The Calgary ring road is 30 years behind schedule.

You want a perfect example of how Albertans think. The 1984 Olympics, a LRT system was built to bring people to the venues. But the largest venue C.O.P. , does not even have a LRT station near it.

I am so infuriated this evening. Alberta you want change. Stop thinking of today, plan for tomorrow.


Afternoon everyone, yes it has been a very long time since I have written anything but life has had its ups and downs over the last year and has taken much of my time. New Job, New House, No Internet. But it is time to start writing again.

Today’s’ topic… Ignorance

I normally try not to touch this subject straight on; I’ll take angles and tangents from it but not the root itself. But this time I think I need to take the bull by the horns and drill some information into the minds of my readers. Let us start off by defining ignorance, Encarta defines it as “unawareness of something, often something important” the key words here are unaware and important. If you are unaware of the importance of something that affects your daily life or the daily life of someone else then really do you have the right to be part of regular society, or should you be separated and left to fend for yourself with others that just don’t give a damn.

I once wrote about what the meaning of life; and since we are talking about what effects to life I figured we should go over this again. The actual definition of life is crude “the quality that makes living animals and plants different from dead organisms and inorganic matter.” But what is the philosophical definition; that is something that has been debated for ions, and will for generations into the future. My definition is simple life is the process generating offspring to pass on the knowledge learned. We always say that we must learn from our mistakes, my definition takes that approach and applies it. So if our only reason for being around is to learn and teach then if we have members of society that are not performing these two duties what are they then; are they alive, are they anti-life. If would be simple to state that these individuals are dead which makes them fit the true definition of life, but what if we look at this another way. What if we state that these people are alive but are not fulfilling life but are the reason we all exist, our goal is to teach this individuals are our ultimate goal, to teach the unwilling.

I know some of you that read this are asking what the hell happen to set me off on this rant, well I would have to say this one is not a rant but an eye opener. As most of you know I do my fair bit of travelling across this great country of ours and I tend to look at the bigger picture, but lately since I have moved to a small town and have come to realize that what makes small towns different is not their size but the fact that they are more susceptible to being secluded from the big picture. The one thing I have learned is that after learning the basics of life, a good portion of small town people decide that there is nothing else to learn, they have reached their end. This scares me greatly, and I hope that it scares you as well; how can someone state there is no more to learn. Life is the journey to all-knowing, remember I am very anti-religious so don’t take that comment as a religious one. I have always stated that is you haven’t learnt something today then you didn’t live today, you just existed.

What I have to say to the people out there that this applies to, rethink where you are in life because if you ever want to get somewhere, you will need to learn that others around have much they can teach and just because you do not know of something maybe that something will change your life. It is fine to know how to do something but it’s great to know how to do that something many ways. My education and experience is centered on being able to solve business problems through the use of techniques not in use by the company. I look at my job as being as simple as 1+1=2 but so does .5+1.5 and 3-1 and so on, the point is every situation has something just enough different that you need to change the approach, applying the same formula to all situations may get you a result but was it the best result for that situation.

So I end this with Learn + Teach = Life, Learn + ignorance ≠ Life



The Expiry Date

This one is going to piss off some out there, and for the ones that have heard my crazy idea, start spreading it because this one makes sense.

The basic meaning or life is to survive, propagate, and pass what you have learned to the next generation. But our society has become so infused with the idea that we must protect the elderly, and we spend great resources making sure that they can live that extra 30 seconds for they can tell you, that they wanted to die years ago.

My idea came to me, after watch a documentary on Discovery Civilization Channel about people’s perspectives. It came to that there are just some people out there that should not live passed their 10th birthday and some out there should live to their 80th. The point is most people waste their lives and live each day like there is another one coming. Well what if you knew the exact date and time of your death. How would you live each day? If you knew that age 32, 113th day, 9th hour, and 12th second you were just going to some living, what would you be doing right now?

The point is there is so much more possible productivity within us that we just do not use because we all have become the masters of procrastination. I will admit I tend to leave things for a few days sometimes when I just do not want to be bothered with them. And you know what I think if I knew that 10 years from now I would be dead I just might get my work done a little faster and start trying to as much as I can.

So I suggest when a person is born their genetic makeup is analyzed, if you show that you will be more likely to have diseases or are just not as healthy as you should be your time is decreased. So everyone starts at 110 points for everything they find that may reduce your chance of living to 110. Now what fun is that you may ask, well this is where the parents get to have a little fun and put a little more chance into the system, when you are boring they spin a wheel, either points are added or decreased from your total. Just imaging being the parents the rolls a 50, talking about screwing over the kid. But after the calculations are made your are tattooed with the precise date you are going to die, and they implant a device that on that exact moment with terminate your existence.

Now that is a great idea, no more fearing death, a little less procrastination, and allot more partying.

Your date is set… your life is in motion… what do you do next?


Simple Esthetics

There is a point when loose garbage becomes more then just a few pieces of paper. You know what I am talking about, we have all done it at least once in our lives, do not see a garbage can around so you just let your candy wrapper fly in the wind.

So what is this article about, I just got back from spending 30 days traveling across our great nation by train and bus, if you have never done it, you really should. Visit ViaRail for details on their CanRail Pass which for 500$ you can travel anywhere in Canada for 30 days. The trip was great, and I got to say Via staff is top notch, especially since they are with you for sometimes over night, meaning they got to put up with you even when you are druggy at 6 am. But let us get back on target here, the train goes through some of the most industrious areas of our nation, and through some of the most expensive communities you would ever see. But the thing these zones have in common, is the amount of trash that they both throw behind their fences, I saw barrels with toxic symbols, peoples old cars, you name it I saw it behind there fence. Not only is it the most degusting seen I have ever witnessed, but ViaRail promotes itself on the beauty of our country and what do people see when they look out their windows, enough garbage to fill every landfill in Canada. You would be surprised to see on many people have sheds, structures and you name on areas that are not even theirs.

Come on people take some pride not only in your own belongings but take some pride for the esthetics of your surroundings. I have a assignment for everyone today, if you have a cameras, I want you to take a picture of yourself picking up trash that, and get this, is not yours. I then want you to walk behind your fence, of your house, apartments, office, so on and I want to you to take a picture of what you see. The first person that can post a picture that shows absolutely no trash will get a 1 hour free consultation on marketing for you or business from JINCS Media by either myself or Joshua (he doesn’t know it yet but he will)

But back to the point we are trying to set ourselves as a leader when it comes to the environment but if activist see what we have behind the fence, we would be labeled as a major polluter. So do your part, even if it is not yours, and show the world that we are not pigs.

Today’s rant was brought to you by the letter P.


Plagiarize This!

You heard me go ahead let me see this the next time I pick up a paper. I know you are already saying “He has freaking lost it” well actually… actually no not this time, but that day is coming. After spending 5 years in high school, one year in CEGEP, 2 years at college, 3 years at University, and about to spend 5 years at graduate school, I have a beef to pick.


Plagiarism… You know that word every teacher you have ever had has drilled it into your mind that you cannot cheat to get through life. And I agree plagiarism is wrong and should be spoken of often, but I think that this politically correct society that we live in has gone too far. 6 billion people live on this planet and at least half of them are having a good thought a day, the rest are sleeping or just stupid. But what I am trying to get at is that eventually 2 people will have the same “original” thought, see original in quotations that is the key word here. Think about it, have you ever just suddenly had the most incredible thought and have never came across it in your daily life. Yes! Good cause I was getting worried there. Have you ever thought well maybe I should look into a little more, and you find that someone else has had the exact same thought? The question is, did you just plagiarize that thought. Well under current trains of thought if you decided to publish your idea then yes, your most amazing thought of your life, is not yours and you have just plagiarized.


My point is that it is going to happen, two people that have no relation to one another and probably will never come face to face could have the same thought and both find the need to write about it and share it with others. Who does this intellectually property belong to, the person that publishes it first, the person that had it first, the person that has more money to fight it. In my opinion they both should get credit because they were both independent original thoughts.


So why am I bringing this to the front, The Da Vinci Code author has been charge with plagiarizing the idea that Christ had a child with lady Magdalene. Which honestly if every author and writer started suing for plagiarism each time their theme was used we would be in big trouble. Most TV sitcoms today are based on the Flintstones, one dumbass husband, smart wife, dumb friend, kids causing trouble. Can you think of any TV shows you have seen lately that fit that theme.


Come on people more the one person is going to have the same thought, be proud that someone else also is brilliant like you.


My 2 cents.




Oh for every one out there that has to use those submission websites for the teacher gets a report of how much of your document looks like someone else’s. Here’s a tip, write your whole document in Word, then save the document as a full scale jpeg, then create a new Word document, set all the margins to 0, import the jpeg of your original document make sure that the margins did not mess up. You now have a word document that contains your whole essay and looks just like the original. Submit it to the submission system, and have a good laugh when it comes back with zero plagiarism. Your teacher will not know the difference.