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Stupid Stupid

This is the comment I left at Cabrinie’s site
I am still too pissed to finish this one off, cause I could write a whole book this time.
First the main result of this election was that the 3 major cities in this country did not give one site to the Tories. How can you run a country where you have no support from the economic engine. Toronto(4,647,960), Montreal(3,380,645), and Vancouver(1,967,480). A total of 9,996,085 a third of our population now has no say in government.

Lets look at the Tory platform. They want to reduce the GST to 6% this year. But what people missed is that they are rolling back the income tax cut the Liberals implemented before the election. Which would have seen the average person earning 50,000 save 900 a year on taxes. For you to be able to reclaim that 900$ which you will have to pay back on your 2005 income taxes, you would have to spend 800$ a week for a year using a 1% GST reduction. I don’t know about you but I do not have the money to spend 800$ a week on taxable goods. Cutting the GST is the most moronic idea ever, it only benefits the rich. GST is a proportional tax more you spend more tax you pay. A cut to income tax such as increasing the personal exemption which the Liberals had implement provides everyone with the same tax cut.

But the main problem with how the seat numbers worked out is, even if the Tories where able to get every NDP on their side it doesn’t come to enough seats to get something passed.

Your comment about the Liberals have been there too long, Alberta is 100 years old and have only elected 3 governments. The Alberta Conservatives have been in power for 30 years. They do not follow the rules of the legislator, Klein put through a 2 BILLION dollar charge last month without putting it to a vote in the house. They only sat for 11 days last year. 11 DAYS of actual government work, Klein showed up for 4, the others he was in Vancouver for the Grey Cup.

The headlines for this election was The West Wants In, The West Is In. You know what the west may be in, but your not ready to be in. The reason Toronto and Montreal do not vote Conservative is they understand the need for social programs, they understand that stability is best for business.

When the liberals took over 12 years ago from the Conservatives, the Tories had increase our national debt from about 240 billion to just over 600 billion in 9 years. We had deficits in the 50-60 billion a year. Interest rates where above 14%, they had killed the economy. The liberals turned that all around we have paid over 100 billion on the debt, we have balanced budgets, interest have been the lowest in generations, employment is at the highest in our history, tax have been lowest in generations.

The sponsorship program was needed and saved this country, a few ad execs took advantage of a critical situation, and gave the Liberals a bad name. I lived in Quebec during 2 referendums, the sponsorship program saved this country, it showed Quebecers that the rest of Canada cared, and until you have been through a referendum seeing people cry because the vote was so close all night long, remember this country is together by just under 1%.

If you look at the Tories budget, they are missing 23 BILLION dollars to be balanced, you explain to me where that money is coming from. I give them 14 months before they are removed from office.

I feel sorry for everyone that voted for the Tories, I warned you, now you will see and watch the same thing Brian Mulroney, Diefenbaker, Clark and all the other Tories leaders that killed our economies over the years.

My Sisters Rant

I got this e-mail from my sister today, she wanted me to write a post about it but i figure why not just post her anger.

Have you heard what the Harper is planning is he wins. He wants to give Quebec further political autonomy, basically giving Quebec the sovereignty they apparently want so bad. If said if Quebec were a separate country they wouldn’t need transfer payments from Ottawa. How fucking stupid is this guy, he’s suppose to be a federalist not a separatist in disguise. I feel like slapping somebody. There that was my rant on the issue, you need to do a rant about this stupidity on your site. ARGGGGG

When is it Wrong?

“Harper says at this point he sees no reason to take action against Grewal. “I don’t cut people loose because there are accusations against someone. I’d only do that if they did something wrong.” ” CBC

Grewal steal money from the party and that is not wrong. Hmmm and this party wants to become the government.

For all you liberal haters, do not even try to bring up the Sponsorship program, yes some people missused the program but the fact is the Sponsoship program was a good thing and was needed, and it served it purpose this country is still whole. I would have been okay if a billion dollars was sent on it, it was needed.

My 2 cents.

Grow Up West

Who do you think is most responsible for the Conservatives’ failure to win enough seats to form a government?

Eastern voters 715 votes (31 %)
Liberal campaign 105 votes (5 %)
Outspoken Conservative MPs 190 votes (8 %)
Ralph Klein 474 votes (21 %)
Stephen Harper 273 votes (12 %)
The media 83 votes (4 %)
All of the above 388 votes (17 %)
None of the above 48 votes (2 %)

This is what the local TV station asked Calgarian’s yesterday. Talk about being a little one sided. Throughout the campaign, local TV and newspapers, were totally one sided. What happened to the day when the news was not biased? The only way I got true news was my subscription to the Globe and Mail. The Calgary Herald was the biggest bigot throughout this campaign, every single one of their articles was pro- Conservative.

After living here for more than a year now, I started asking myself how the hell Albertans get news that isn’t Conservative propaganda, and the answer I found was they don’t. Every local TV station, radio station, and newspaper was pro Conservative. Albertans never see the other side of the story, now I know where the mythical Western Alienation comes from, they produce it themselves.

Watch for in the coming months, I am going to be looking into this so called Western Alienation, cause from my view it is all in there heads.

Also keep a look out for the rest of my articles on this topic, I have so many in the works its not funny.

Think Twice Canada

I get a lot of heat in Calgary for being an easterner, but during this election I got even more. Yes I am a liberal support. And to answer your question Cliff. Why would I vote for someone who steals my money? The sponsorship program was a great program, the part that went bad was a few Ad agencies decided to abuse the political situation that was happening in Quebec. The program was meant to promote Canada as a whole and plastered the word Canada basically anywhere it could be placed. This was needed to secure this country, I don’t know if you people know your history but Canada even before confederation was always a French/English split, that’s just the nature of this country. But when political radicals decide they want to separate from Canada the federal government should do everything in their power to stop it. And that is what the main goal of the sponsorship program was. A program with a budget of roughly a 100M, dollars how much of that was miss-spent I don’t know. But if it would have cost 1 billion dollars it still would have been worth it.

Now to get to the main issue here. Why would anyone in their right mind vote for conservative.

Conservative Platform

1. Increase spending to a point that will we have a deficit again.
2. Increase spending to a point that the debt is growing again.
3. Abolish women’s rights to chose.
4. Abolish gay rights.
5. Abolish aboriginal rights.
6. Kill Kyoto.
7. Send Canadian Troops in wars we do not need to be in.
8. etc

Based on the first 2 points, which sounds just like Mulroney, everyone remembers Mulroney, no well he is a Conservative and was Prime Minister in the early 90’s. He introduced the GST, and raised taxes 37 times while in office. He brought our national debt from under 100 billion to over 300 billion.

Harper will do the same thing.

Now points 3-5, why would you want someone leading this country that wants to eliminate people’s rights. Put aside your damn religious beliefs for a moment and think about other people that your vote is affecting. What does it matter to you if your neighbour has an abortion, it doesn’t it only matters if you yourself have one, and right now you have that choice. With Harper you wouldn’t even be allowed to think of it. The next one really gets me pissed of talking to Albertan’s, think to yourself how does it affect you if your gay neighbours got married. IT DOESN’T. They are people just like you and all they want is the same rights as you. How would you feel if you loved someone your whole life and when they died you got squat from their pensions just because the law doesn’t recognize you. It would suck wouldn’t. So just sit back and really think about this question. HOW WILL IT AFFECT ME IF GAYS AND LESBIANS GOT MARRIED?

Kyoto. Now Harper wants to scrap this to make his and Klein’s happy polluting oil buddies even happier. Well you know what its times we start taking responsibility for our actions. We have been polluting this word for far too long now. Alberta is the biggest polluter per capital all because most of your power production is coming from Oil and Coal generating facilities. Ya you heard there is still coal being burned for electricity in this province. Most people around the world gave that up because of the massive amounts of pollutions it produces. Build a damn nuclear plant. So what if this is going to hurt oil companies’ profits, they should have been doing the reduction techniques years ago.

This one just hits a nerve. The Iraq war was so not the right solution to that problem. The United States went into that war the wrong way. But Harper that idiot he is, would have sent Canadian Troops to go fight for in world courts an illegal war. I admit something needed to be done about what was happening in Iraq, but all the US did was change one ruling tyrant to another trigger happy ruling tyrant.

What really got to me over this election, Quebecers and Ontarians took out there frustrations on the Federal Liberals because the provincial ones messed up. Provincial and Federal Liberals have nothing to do with each other, they may have the same name, but they have very different platforms. You cannot hold one government responsible for what another one did. They were looking for a scapegoat. Well if you wanted a scapegoat wait to the next provincial election and take it out on them.

I’ve bashed the Conservatives throughout this now turning into a damn novel, I am not saying the Liberals do not have there faults, but based on the choices we had in front of us they were the best choice for the next 5 years. Just think what it is going to be like in the states in November. Bush or Kerry? How about none of the above.

Give all that some thought the next time you are thinking of supporting the Conservative party of Canada.