Apple v. RIM–Blackberry does not need a Bumper

With all the reports lately of Apple’s Antennagate, there have been videos floating around showing that all phones suffer from this apparent death grip attenuation.

To try and deflect the attention that the new iPhone 4 has been receiving for its poor signal quality Apple posted video that it claims show the problem happening on other devices. So I was shocked to see that the Blackberry Bold 9700 was one of them. I have had this phone since the first week it came out, and aside from the abysmal service in the Cornwall, ON area I have not had a problem with this phone.

I followed that same steps that Apple takes in their videos. Step one 1 show the phone normally with a light grip. Then step 2 show it with a death grip. AS you can see in my video the phone does not even loose a bar the whole time.

Apple Video

But let us get back to the main topic. It should not matter how many bars you have, as long as the phone can compete a connection to a tower it will hold the connection; unless there is actually a problem with the phone or tower. I have been in many areas that I get 1 bar and the phone still can make calls and receive email. Give a listen to This Week in Tech or Macbreak Weekly and you’ll hear that the problem is not the dropped bars but the dropped calls. If you cannot make a clear call and keep it then the phone has greater problems then a mathematic formula shown bars.

Peace out.