Alberta – Stelmach – Wages

alberta-flag_contourSo everyone knows I am not much of a fan when it comes to the Alberta Conservative Party, but this time I thinks others are going to be on my side.

Last year, MLA’s approved themselves a wage increase of 30%, something no one in the public would ever see from their employer. But now since Stelmach and his government were not able to keep a balanced budget even when the money still flows, they have come up with the brilliant idea that there should be a two year freeze on all wages.

Now I have lived in Alberta and know that it is very expensive, cost of living is through the roof, when a simple duplex home will cost you over 350,000 which is way outside the means of first time home buyer, how is the general public supposed to take the announcement that their provincial government believes that they should actually loose money over the next two years because of the economic slow down.

What you must understand if you do not receive at least a pay increase equal to inflation you will earn less money the next year. For employers that do not provide raises based on at least inflation; you should be ashamed of yourselves.

The moral of the story is Stelmach is incompetent everyone knows this, the problem lies with the fact that there is no other other, the other parties just don’t have the make up to run the province, not that I am saying that the Conservatives do because they have done more harm to that province than good.