Yea Jail

So if you live in Italy, you can now spend 3 years in jail for downloading music. So let me get this straight, I were to kill someone in canada I would prob get a sentence of 7 years, and serve maybe 3. So I can kill someone for the same amount of jail as downloading music in Italy. Does someone see something wrong with this.


3 thoughts on “Yea Jail

  1. ????

    The only thing wrong with it is that someone like you shouldnt have a website if u post stupid shit like this!!!!

  2. ReCk

    Wow, you are just full of comments no one cares to hear.

    So let me see here, you go to Keewatin Community College very interesting. I only know a few people in Manitoba, so im guessing you were link to this site and Cabrinie’e from Shoottheshat and Squigary. Oh what a shame they are all hosted on my server. Do I have to report you to the school officials that you are abusing your network usuage.

  3. Rob

    Well, don’t you know that money is worth more that life?