7 thoughts on “Yay Snow

  1. Sister

    Not yay, yuck its’ only mid september, I hope you enjoy the 20cm that will be on the ground by tomorrow morning, cause I don’t. There is just something wrong with having to send the kids to school with their boots, mits, hats and winter coats on in September. Aghhhhhhh

  2. ReCk

    The news said that only 5cm will fall, and they are calling for 26c on thursday

  3. Sister

    Check the weather network, their still calling for the 10-15, it’s been revised down a little. Fact is it’s only SEPTEMBER!

  4. ReCk

    I think you just have a major issue with snow…

  5. Hackboy

    Wow, you guys should live in Gillam. We have almost waste high snow by Halloween sometimes!

  6. Sister

    snow itself doesn’t bother me, in september it really irks me

  7. ReCk

    Ya well Gilllam is not even a town….