Yay New Month

Well it is finally Friday, damn this has been a long week.

I spent a good 3 hours getting Brendens server up yesterday. Its a bitch to get B2 to work on a Windows server. I really should have writing the steps down and posted them. Maybe all do that today since I only have one class.

I finally got my stuff from dell, so now I have my dual batteries, got my wireless router (that is being a pain in the ass) got my case, what else oh ya the multimedia cables and a new color snap on for I can turn the outside blue.

I really should be working on an English assignment that I have to hand in today but that means I have to actually think damnit.

One thought on “Yay New Month

  1. Hackboy

    Yes it was a bitch, thanks for the help. I am able to post using b2 throughout the day, I just have to get the look of the site to something decent now. That seems like its only going to be able to be done from home. Hopefully everythings up and good by Tuesday. It should be I mean I dont have a life anyway.