Why Pop Music Licks Balls

OK I was flipping through the channels today and I came by the BillBoard Awards. And some pop music started playing and I realized that, those fake ass crappy so called artist don’t even sing. The back up singer do all the singing while the fagot pretty boy makes sounds. The only noise coming out of the singers mouth was OOOOOOOOO AWWWWWWW and AHHHHHHHHHHH, what the fuck is the guy having a damn orgasm on stage. Really someone should put that boy out of his misery. If you haven’t got on it was that Timberlake crack head that was on stage. What is pop music supposed to be, so far all I see is corporate made crap, artist that lip sing to songs some jackass in an office tower wrote. Really you want some real music listen Korn or Bush, or even Bob Dylan. Just stay away from the POP.

2 thoughts on “Why Pop Music Licks Balls

  1. Hackboy

    You can’t avoid POP, there is always going to be pop. Personally I’d rather have Justin Timerberlake and shit be pop because I would hate to have radio kill and overplay the music that I really enjoy. Plus it would make me uncomfortable to see some wigger jaming out to Nine Inch Nails or something. But thats my crazy world.

  2. ReCk

    Well after seeing Nelly and Aerosmith singing together last night I think most music has been killed for me.