Why 64

I read an article on Tom’s the other day that talked about, how the new version of OS X code named Panther will not be 64 bit, so that leaves all these G5 computers that Apple just released without an OS. If I understand it correctly, the OS must be able to utilize the hardware for the software can. Why would Apple release 64bit chips but no OS for them. All that mass bandwidth wont be used. To me it seems that Apple is hoping that people are just going to buy the newest and “cough” greatest. I have never been a supporter of the Apple platform. I started way back with a 286 running DOS, and slowly moved all the way up the ladder on the Windows side, I was never tempted by the Apple or the Penguin.

AMD will be releasing the Athlon64 this fall, and I’m actually looking at purchasing a 64bit system, but in AMD’s case, they have the backing of Microsoft, nVidia, ATI, HP, etc… When the Athlon64 debuts this fall most software and hardware vendors will also release their 64bit editions. This makes sense, that way people can use the full potential of their system. GO AMD!…

Intel on the other has a 64bit chip the Itanium; they also have a consumer based 64bit in the works that they will release the same time AMD is. I have nothing against Intel, but it seems that they are just riding off the tales of AMD. Every-time AMD makes a move Intel counters it.

Final word – Nice try Apple but you missed the boat on this one again. AMD all to you. Intel get original.