Where’s The Power At

Well yesterday the eastern power grid experienced a major hit. Not known yet is the cause, but I can tell you that this should not happen. I lived through the Ice Storm of 98, I was one of the people without power for 38 days. HydroQuebec and HydroOne (Ontario) both promised that major blackouts would never happen again. Back up system are supposed to automatically engage when there is a power flux. if you take a look at the power grid schematic, you will see 6 backups lines coming from Quebec into Ontario, why did those lines not kick in. Same with with the west Manitoba has backup lines going into Ontario, just in case this happens. So why did the backup systems not work. It seems that HydroQuebec, HydroOne and BrucePower have lied to everyone. The new system is supposed to be able to last another Ice Storm, well there was no storm just heat. Also this would have not happened if HydroOne and BrucePower were not 6 months behind schedule and 5 billion dollars over budget, for bringing 5 Nuclear power plants back on-line. To me it just seems that power companies are not doing the job they should. Electricity is no longer a privilege it is a necessity of life.

One thought on “Where’s The Power At

  1. Hackboy

    Very true, now HydroOne and Manitoba Hydro should get negotiating and build Conawapa already. For those that don’t know, Conawapa is a dam project that will not only resurrect the town of Gillam for a few years, it will also ship power to Ontario, its quite obvious that it is needed.