When is it Wrong?

“Harper says at this point he sees no reason to take action against Grewal. “I don’t cut people loose because there are accusations against someone. I’d only do that if they did something wrong.” ” CBC

Grewal steal money from the party and that is not wrong. Hmmm and this party wants to become the government.

For all you liberal haters, do not even try to bring up the Sponsorship program, yes some people missused the program but the fact is the Sponsoship program was a good thing and was needed, and it served it purpose this country is still whole. I would have been okay if a billion dollars was sent on it, it was needed.

My 2 cents.

3 thoughts on “When is it Wrong?

  1. Cabrinie

    Meh – how about some gay marriage in Alberta topics here.

  2. Jason

    Leave your gay bashing to your own site.

  3. Cabrinie

    I wasn’t gay bashing – I have never ever had a problem with gay people. I was just wondering what your thoughts on it were – like gesh.