What To do When Bored

So I suggested this to some people today cause I was bored.

Get down on the floor and make your way through the office pretending to be at war, make sure to go by as many people as possible. Make sure to whisper crazy stuff to your co-workers like, Did you see them, Where’s the ammo, DUCK!!!. After making your way though the office, find the closest photocopier and jump on it, like it is a live grenade. Then stand up and walk back to your desk like nothing happened. If someone ask you what just happened just say it is company policy.

Really this would be the funniest thing to see.

Everyone i suggested it to said they would get fired for doing something like this.

So this is for you people.

Instead of finding the photocopier find your boss and get right into his/her face and start giving orders, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN SOLDIER, DAMNIT SOLDIER, YOU DAMN CRACKER, GO KILL… Then start running through the office giving orders to the trash cans. Then make your way to a computer and write a memo to your boss about how distractive the office has been, and that you think that INCOMING!!!!

I swear there is no way you could get fired for this.

The only person that saw the humour in this was Brenden. and his response was “LOL I’m on it! RED TEAM GO!” Why cant the rest of you see why this is funny.

5 thoughts on “What To do When Bored

  1. Hackboy

    I am the only one fucked up enough to attempt it too. Ooooooo waffles…

  2. ReCk

    Waffles…. What crack are you smoking again

  3. Hackboy

    NO…. I’m snorting it thank you very much.

  4. Sister

    Brother, as I told you last night, some us working folk value our jobs and do not want to be fired or sent to the looney bin. Why don’t you have the nerve to do it?

  5. archos

    i am pretty sure i would not get fired fro doing that. I would just get asked if i’d been drinking, or what I’d been smoking. Fired no.