What Is Wrong

OK I have never touched this subject on here but now I have to.

About 20 minutes ago the Parliament voted not to change the definition of marriage in the Chart of Rights and Freedoms. It came out to a 134-134 tie, and the speaker of the house made the final vote of against. Really what does it matter to anyone what someone else is doing in there own home. Gays and Lesbians are people too and deserve the same basic rights as every citizen of this country. Personally I really don’t care what your preference is. So people are bothered by two gay men walking down the street holding hands, what if there were two straight men walking down the same street holding hands is there anything wrong with that. This amendment to the charter was just changing the definition from man and women to people. How does it affect you if 2 women or two men are married. IT DOESN’T. Damn bigots, and racist. You are denying someone the right to live their life the way they want. That just places you in the same league as Hitler.

I know this BLOG is not read by many people but maybe I can get some of you that are against this issue to think about it a little, and yourself does it really affect you.

3 thoughts on “What Is Wrong

  1. Hackboy

    I am Hitler.

  2. Sister

    Jay, the vote was actually 137 to 132 as the final. But I totally agree with you on this is issue, it’s no one damn business what two people do in their own home. And why the hell shouldn’t gays and lesbians b able to get married, their human beings too and should have all the same rights as a so called straight couple. So I sat damn the church and state, it’s none of their business.

  3. Biggins

    I want Heterosexshual rights. I wanna parade around in normal clothes and wave a simple not overly colourful flag around and be strait. Oh apparently we do this all the time but gays and lesbians get a special day all to them selves to act more gay that usual. If you want to be treated equally as a group then act like an equal contributor to society. Meaning don’t have gay pride days and don’t flaunt your sexuality cause no one cares…