What has this world come to

So I have learned that an exciting night for two chicky roommates is sitting in front of a TV playing Dr. Mario. WOW. I will not use their reals names but most people will know Female Lumpy(Spouse) and Pumpkin Tits(Pumpkin). And I always wondered why the dishes sat in the sink for so long.

Is this what all chicky’s are doing out there, sitting at home playing video games, wait… Isn’t that the male role. Oh no the roles are switching, now the males have to be the bitchy ones and the women play games. Damn this world. I think I’m going to go eat a lime.


5 thoughts on “What has this world come to

  1. Hackboy

    I was there last night, It actually wasn’t as bad as you think but really she needs a BIGGER TV!!! That, and they are WAY to fucking good at that game. I felt mentally challenged when I picked up the controller.

  2. ReCk

    Listen they play it all the time, when they first got the NES thats all they did all day.

  3. Hackboy

    Trust me, I can tell. They were so damn fast at that game. Competitive too!! But it was all in good fun.

  4. cephas

    I could whip their asses – I’ve got to level 26 (starting at level 1) took a couple of hours

  5. conrad

    and i can whip cephas’s ass