So I am studying VB .NET this semester, and well its not going that good, I am able to figure most of the coding but with my textbook in my right hand. But today I had a program due, I could not for the life of me figure out how to get it to do the calculation it needed to do. I checked MSDN but it gave me some massive piece of code that I had no clue what it was saying, I tried placing it in my code, and well it actually worked, but it was creating popup dialogue boxes for all the inputs and I didnt want that. Even after deleting all reference to inputbox the code was still wrong. Oh well I handed it in with a major portion missing, Damn VD .NET. That is my story about VB.

Oh and we have a new client here at ReCkMedia. Shoottheshat.ca has moved over to us. Eventually I will have the world. Muhahahahaha

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  1. Hackboy

    yes sir…. you will sir… rub your feet, sir?