Okay I updated to WordPress 2.0, so I decided to change the look also. I am rebuilding the photo section to make it fit the new look, also I am going to make it link to JINCS our media creation company, we sell allot of the photos and media we create, so if you see a picture you like you might be able to buy a high quality print, with options like paper, frame, and size (But that is all to come).

Our first client was Alberta Highlands Appaloosa; where we needed to take photos, create a front cover for Canadian Appaloosa Magazine, also create the back cover, and a inside spread. This same client also required a web page which is still in development.

We have a few more clients lined up, and hopefully this takes off.

ClearGate Communications is still kicking we are still pursuing more governments to implement fixed wireless access (FWA) solutions. Take it from someone who has been working with government for awhile now, DO NOT EVER DO IT. It is not worth the headaches. We are getting more and more competition in this area, Bell Canada has announced their own FWA, I just received a notice from Nortel that they are also in development of one (interestingly using the same design and system I submitted to the Alberta Legislative last Spring).

Beside that not much is going on, working, working, and working that is all that goes on in life now. Hope everyone has luck in the new year.

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  1. byron

    could this be any harder to read? grey on black is bad, throw in some thin red and it gets worse.