TV Blows

OK so I have been watching a bit of TV lately and I have noticed way to often that the same commercial is being played one after another. Not even a slight change in the them or style the exact same commercial. This really pisses me off. Really they are going back to the days when it was thought that if you saw something enough you would buy it. But it just makes me want to to kick my TV.

Also the other big thing that bugs me is the stupid little 10 second thing they put before the show or movie after every commercial break saying that this program contains vaguer and violence and should not be vied by young children. That fucking thing bugs me to no end. I liked it when it was just the stupid little thing in the corner giving the rating of the show, that didn’t bug me. But this new crap seriously just makes me not want to watch TV.

Also A Channel, TBS, TNN, ABC, CBS, and all you other networks, stop censoring movies. Nothing beats seeing Bruce Willice say Mother Freaker. Really movies are an art form, don’t censor them, it just pisses me off.

So right now TV does not have much going for it. Ill stick to stealing movies off Kazaa.

One thought on “TV Blows

  1. Hackboy

    While I agree with you that censorship does suck. It is really damn funny to hear some of the shit they come up with for these movies. Probably the best one I can remember is “steak-break” off of American pie instead of Shit-Break. Another was “kiss my sandwidch” insead of Kiss my ass in dumb and dumber. Sometimes, those can be the funniest parts of the movie.