Turtle and Tree

Ok this is what happens when Cabrinie asked for a story. Don’t ask where it comes from but well just read it.

It started way back when, when there were only trees and turtles, the turtle turned to the tree and said you are big and leafy, the tree swayed in the wind and fell on the turtle, that was the last of the turtle, many years pass and the tree turns and sees that the turtle is back and it is bigger than the tree and is holding a chainsaw and cuts down the tree and makes a table from it many years pass the table finally falls on the turtle and that was the end of the turtle… Many years pass and a sapling and a little turtle are found sitting beside a pond arguing over how each were going to hurt each other, then it rained and they got pushed into that water, the turtle then put the little tree in its shell and swam to safety, and they live happily ever after.

13 thoughts on “Turtle and Tree

  1. name

    that is (EDIT: best story ever)messed lol

  2. ReCk

    Hey you are the one who asked for a story, you never specified what you wanted to hear.

  3. Cabrinie

    I wanted a nice normal story about your day or week, or life, not some messed up yurtles and yrees story

  4. ReCk

    well you have to specify that, cause if you ask for a story this is what you get… Or something along the lines of that.

    Part 2

    Yurtle is dipped in chocolate and placed in fridge to hide from yree.

  5. Cabrinie

    hello its supposed to be hiden’ in the filin’ cabinet

  6. ReCk


    Part 2 Edit

    Yurtle is dipped in chocolate and placed in fridge that is disguised as a file cabinet.

  7. Hackboy

    What in the hell is going on here. This is crazy. I’m so confused, where am I… why are you doing this. Hey what is that…. it’s…. it’s a turtle…. fuck no! NO NO! ……………………… *silence*

  8. ReCk

    What read the story the story explains everything.

  9. Cabrinie

    Dear Hackboy, you poor thing, is not crazy, its normal. Nothin’ is even wrong with the world, he’s doin’ it just for fun and because he is a little crazy, spices things up a little and makes you pay attention though lol

  10. Hackboy

    I always pay attention…. hey a butterfly….. I like cheese…. look at this flap of skin on my elbow…. plastic bag, plastic bag, plastic bag.

  11. ReCk

    The plastic bag, how it is so great, look at it soar in the wind, all worries go away when the plastic bag is here.

  12. Hackboy

    Wha??? I’m talking about the one on the road that was run over and stomped on about 50 times. Now THAT’S a plastic bag.

  13. Cabrinie

    okay you people really really, need help – plastic bags shouldn’t just be left floating around, they could kill an animal, or a little kid could pick them up, you should be ashamed of just leavin’ them lol