7 thoughts on “This Week Polling

  1. Cabrinie

    I really don’t know about federal, on the more local level though, I think I am gonna go with both our favourite Ralphy.

  2. ReCk

    That is really not funny.

  3. Cabrinie

    You only wish you lived where I do so you could vote directly for him.

  4. Tracy

    Please Cabrinie if you have any sense don’t vote for that schmuck. He’s the reason health care and education if this province are falling to pieces. The government has 12 billion sitting in what they call a heritage fund, that because of the stock market has been losing billions a year. They have enough money to build all the schools and hospitals needed in the province and still have a wack of money left over for a rainy day. But do they use it no, no which if you are a parent is maddening, It took us over two years to get a doctor, because their aren’t enough taking new patients. Ans should I mention the fact that my son has been sick since December and four doctors couls not tell me ehat is wrrong with him. And not one of them sent him for x-rays or an ultrasound to see what is going on in his tummy. Maddening I tell you, when you’ve got a five year old in what can now call chronic pain, waking up almost nightly crying in pain. As much as I despised the politics in Quebac at least I know my kids pediatrician would have figured out the problem by now. That’s righ a pediatrican, not a family doctor. Children until the age of 16 see a pediatrician and after that a GP. The medical system here is just messed up. Another topic I could rant on forever. Please anyone out their that can vote in the as we know upcoming elections federally and provincially don;t vote for the conservative party. They are the devil incarnet, Okay maybe that’s a little extreme, but still no to the conservative

  5. Cabrinie

    Tracy, I just say that to bug your brother, I won’t know enough abut politics to be voicing my opinion about them, or tellin’ other people how to vote.

  6. Tracy

    cool, I love a gal that is intent upoin picking on my brother. Sorry to get so riled up but I majored in Political Science and my knowledge on the subject irks me something bad here as no one seems to understand politics at all.

  7. Kevan

    Even joking about voting for Ralph is cruel. The man praises Pinochet, a war criminal!

    By the by vote NDP