This Makes Me Sick

Well as everyone knows it is Remembrance Day today; I was watching CTV NewsNet when this report came up. Vets fighting to keep Victoria Cross in Canada.

The Victoria Cross is the highest honour anyone can receive in Canada, only 16 WWII veterans ever received this honour. The family of Cpl. Fred Topham, who saved dozens of fellow soldiers even with a bullet wound to the face, has decided to sell the prestigious medal. They have received offers as high as $319,000, but they have requested that is the veterans society wants the medal to stay in Canada they will have to pay $275,000.

That is out rages. This is all because of family in fighting, that can’t decide who in the family gets to keep the medal. How ignorant can you be, yes the medal was given to Cpl. Fred Topham, but that medal belongs to Canada as a whole. To force people to buy it is absurd; they have no respect for everything that our veterans have done for us. I wish this family was able to be charged with treason.

To help the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion Association, who is trying to raise the $275,000, and has only raised $75,000. Please make donations to c/o The Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada, 130 Queen Street East, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5A 1R9. More information will be available shortly on the QOR website at

3 thoughts on “This Makes Me Sick

  1. Cabrinie

    Should be laws against that type of thing.

  2. kevan

    I have all sorts of different things to say. We may not know how difficult times are for the family.

    The collector paying that much money for the medal will at least in his way honour it.

    If I had a chance to buy a famous medal from another country I probably would not give much thought morality to the purchase.

    But I really like the idea of it being a Canadian possession and I wonder if the Federal government or the National Museum should come up with the money.

    We are upset with the idea of it being bought and sold but I worry about it being dishonoured.

  3. Kevan

    I have mixed feelings about this. I understand how you feel though.

    I wonder how bad off the family is?

    the problem is that we think that the buying and selling will diminish the honour of the thing but the honour lies with the man not the medal.

    But I do like what you said about it belonging to Canada. I wonder if the National museum would come up with some money if they got to display it?