The Year is coming to an end

Well another year has come and about to be gone, PARTY ON THE BEACH, thats right there will be a party on the beach. If your in the Salmon Arm region, drive down Sunnybrae Canoe Point Road for about 12 KM when you pass the log boom, look for the big bomb fire and come join us. Got plenty of room in the house for you dont have to drive home.

 Happy New Year

2 thoughts on “The Year is coming to an end

  1. kevan

    A year of big changes for you. If you had to give it a grade what would it be?

  2. Jason.Tapp

    Well it is hard to say, lot of good has happened and a lot of bad. My fathers heart attack is going to be the one thing that will keep 2006 from being a good year.