The Wonders Of The Yard

Nothing beats sitting outside cooking a Canadian Sirloin stakes with garlic mushrooms, and listening to some SOAD or Disturbed. All my neighbors are trying to figure out where the noise is coming from, but hey to them it may sound like noise, but to me this is relaxation. Damn that steak smells good, and that cans of frosty Pepsi is staring at me just asking to have me cracks its spout for the very first time.

The only thing as the damn smoke from those forest fires, the sun is blocked out a bit, which is actually pretty good since its not overly hot. Which is good, since i don’t think my laptop would like to be in the blazing sunlight.

Well tomorrow is a holiday, which holiday I really don’t know, all I know is that I don’t have to go to school, I can sit in the yard and cook more steak. Hold on time to flip the steak, almost ready.

Well yesterday I went to visit my parents at their camp site south of Strathmore, what a crappy ass camp ground. The main reason for going down there cause my nephew wanted to go fishing, well lets just say that if fish were living in that water, they weren’t to active. Low water level, stagnant, way too much algae. But oh well he just loves the fact of fishing. I really got to find a good stream or lake around here that your can actually do some good fishing, I mean not fly fishing cause that can be done in the Bow. But I don’t fly fish.

Ah food is ready.