The Voyage

I have started the massive rebuild of my desktop system. Backed everything over to my laptop and to the server. That took a long time, I moved almost 36 gigs over the lan.

The new configuration will be 2 x (2 x 40) strip raid array. current set up is 1 x 40 + 1 x 40 + (2 x 40), so now I am throwing safety right out the window and going to run everything off the raid. The OS will be W2K3 (maybe depends how well it likes directx). And I hope to have it running as my FTP server, get some stress off the little 450 which runs my server. I hope everything goes well cause formatting 160 gigs just takes way to long.

Install start time: 2:00PM
Format start time: 2:03PM
Copy files starts: 2:23PM
Install of files: 2:28PM
Install done: 2:42PM

Wow thats not bad, just a little longer than a XP install.

Well I just tried Command & Conquer Generals, and it plays just like on XP, so W2K3 is a great gasming platform, very stable, and doesnt have any of the over head that XP has. Now I did install alot of componets that say they are not support on this OS, but hey it works.

6 thoughts on “The Voyage

  1. Hackboy

    gasming is fun… orgasms… eyegasms… you know. Its all good… I didnt realise that an OS could help you gasm though.

    What are you talking about that w2k3 has less overhead than XP… if anything I’d say it has MORE with all the extra services running… explain please.

  2. ReCk

    Well if I dont have any services installed it has nothing running, my Task Manager only has 7 things in it. Plus W2K3 does not have any of the visual over head. It has no special efects no themes. And on my 1GIG of ram it is only using 127MB when idle, compared to when I had XP which used 456MB. Also for some reason I am getting better performance when it comes to networking. Thats what I mean by less overhead.

  3. Hackboy

    HAAHAH an install of Windows XP is eating 400MB of your ram?? God I must be fucked at home. I gotta seriously check too see if mines that bad, or if you’re just on drugs

  4. ReCk

    Im serious when i only had 512 in there it stayed around 320 360, but as soon as the 1 gig was there it jumped.

  5. Hackboy

    Strange, Im using about 170 or so MB… thats all.. seems to be good to me, Whatever… maybe Im special

  6. ReCk

    Maybe I just had alot of shit running as services.