The Undead – Interlude

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The Undead – Interlude

Ok everyone I am putting MOD on hold for awhile and I’m go to start on The Undead, it will be a simple plot based on stuff that happens throughout the week, and some people might realize who the characters are and others wont, but it makes for some interesting reading.

So a brief interlude into The Undead.

Life as we know is how we know it and what happens, happens for the sole reason of happening, nothing can be challenged to be made differently but what is will always be. ReCk a student studying for his bachelors runs into obstacles and individuals that change what will be and force the change of what is known.

So that is the basic concept. More will come after this week. I should enough after tomorrow to complete this weeks The Undead so stay tuned for the first chapter in this endless novel of daily events turned into the cryptic and unimaginable.

*** Thanks goes out to Cabrinie for the encouragement to pursue this messed up thought, and her continued input into the idea. ***