The Expiry Date

This one is going to piss off some out there, and for the ones that have heard my crazy idea, start spreading it because this one makes sense.

The basic meaning or life is to survive, propagate, and pass what you have learned to the next generation. But our society has become so infused with the idea that we must protect the elderly, and we spend great resources making sure that they can live that extra 30 seconds for they can tell you, that they wanted to die years ago.

My idea came to me, after watch a documentary on Discovery Civilization Channel about people’s perspectives. It came to that there are just some people out there that should not live passed their 10th birthday and some out there should live to their 80th. The point is most people waste their lives and live each day like there is another one coming. Well what if you knew the exact date and time of your death. How would you live each day? If you knew that age 32, 113th day, 9th hour, and 12th second you were just going to some living, what would you be doing right now?

The point is there is so much more possible productivity within us that we just do not use because we all have become the masters of procrastination. I will admit I tend to leave things for a few days sometimes when I just do not want to be bothered with them. And you know what I think if I knew that 10 years from now I would be dead I just might get my work done a little faster and start trying to as much as I can.

So I suggest when a person is born their genetic makeup is analyzed, if you show that you will be more likely to have diseases or are just not as healthy as you should be your time is decreased. So everyone starts at 110 points for everything they find that may reduce your chance of living to 110. Now what fun is that you may ask, well this is where the parents get to have a little fun and put a little more chance into the system, when you are boring they spin a wheel, either points are added or decreased from your total. Just imaging being the parents the rolls a 50, talking about screwing over the kid. But after the calculations are made your are tattooed with the precise date you are going to die, and they implant a device that on that exact moment with terminate your existence.

Now that is a great idea, no more fearing death, a little less procrastination, and allot more partying.

Your date is set… your life is in motion… what do you do next?


4 thoughts on “The Expiry Date

  1. kevan

    would we know the date, or is it a secret?

  2. Jason.Tapp

    But after the calculations are made your are tattooed with the precise date you are going to die

  3. Tracy

    You are insane, perhaps the simplest method would be to have people apply for a license to have kids, in order to get that licence they have to pass certain genetic and IQ tests, that way you reduce the amount of genetic diseases being passed on, and you stop the stupid people from breeding more stupid people. This is also insane, if this was the case you wouldn’t be an uncle to 7 yr old twins who were as you know very unplanned. The world should just go on as it is, eventually the humane race will self-destruct and the planet will start over again. This message was brought to you by the letter S for the SISTER

  4. Stephanie Tapp