The Day Has Come

Well tomorrow is my presentation, yea 20 minutes on Environmental Stress. Oh please not everyone clap at once. For a presentation really was only made in the last few days I think it has come together. Most of the work down today, but the other in my group Kyla and Meena had their parts done. We just need to get the Power Point done, and get the handout finished. I made a really basic WordPress blog for it, just to add that little extra. Hey everything needs a web component to it. Even my life has one, this damn blog has been apart of me for going on 4 months now, and the site has been with me for 2 years. But back to the presentation. I think it is a success, we really did allot of research for it, and I hope my Professor thinks the same thing, or not he will get flamed so bad RIGHT HERE. Just kidding Brent.
So if you want to see my presentation go ahead and look at it, ya you heard me go look at it. oh ya link. Environmental Stress