The Chip Debate

This comes from the article written by Adamson Rust: Thursday 04 September 2003, 10:48

1 Intel chips don’t warm the room up as much as Athlons
2 Athlons do more per clock cycle
3 Intel CPUs make a bigger hole in your pocket.
4 Intel changes form factors/slots/ pinouts more frequently than Hector changes his underwear
5 RMBS Inc
6 Intel supplies chips used in a mass market games console designed by Microsoft
7 It’s not as exclusive as AMD
8 Intel tried to force everyone to use expensive RDRAM
9 Did we mention Rambus ?
10 Intel is not suffering as much as the rest of the IT industry

1 Only INQUIRER readers have heard of AMD
2 Its silk screen printing has been outsourced to India
3 Like Carly Fiorina’s HP, it’s using SITEL
4 There are too many pins on its chips
5 There are too few pins on its chips
6 It hasn’t got Pat Goldfinger working for it
7 Its executives run away from Maureen Gara, Charlie Demerjian and Mike Magee
8 It doesn’t know how to throw good parties any more
9 Hector Ruiz is the CEO now
10 Err… that’s it

One thought on “The Chip Debate

  1. Hackboy

    You forgot, in the winter months you don’t have to turn on your heater, just your comptuer. When was the last time a heater provided hours of entertainment, huh?