Millions of peaches for me, Millions of Peaches for Free, maybe the band Presidents of the United States had it right in their  song Peaches.

WE hear over and over that companies that have received bailouts or that are in the midst of a restructuring, or are going bankrupt are still paying out bonuses. Don’t get me wrong, if you are doing a great job and the company is flourishing that sure you deserve a bonus. But if the company is loosing money, investor are loosing money, and its obvious that you haven’t been doing the greatest job. What right do you have to get a bonus.

-This is starting to get absorb

If I was a U.S. citizen and my tax dollars were going instead of saving a company from going under but to pad the pockets of individuals that may have been the cause of the economic turn down I would be thinking it is time for a country wide strike.

Bonuses in the millions are being handed out like candy and this seems to be okay. Think about it, the average household income in the States was between $30,000 and $64,200 in 2007. Lets even take the highest number, for every million dollars in bonuses that would have been 15.6 jobs saved. Now take AIG who gave out $165,000,000 in bonuses that could have been 2574 jobs saved. I am happy that those bonuses are now going to be taxed at 90%, though it still means that people are getting bonuses that really shouldn’t be getting them right now.

Have we Lost Touch

Think back to a happier, easier time of your life when the only thing you had to think about was if I was going to ride my bike or walk to the store. Today our society is always about the next best thing, the next product, the next song. Really do we all have Attention Deficit Disorder that we cannot just sit back and think about what we use to do.

Recently I realized that my passion was to create companies, now so far none of them have been great successes some stay afloat on their own others crashed and burned. But this time I really think I have found the one that will make it. The problem is my expertise in the field is very limited and everyone knows never ever get into a business you don’t know. But what can I do, I know this idea has merit, and know it can make money, I know I can do it with some trial and error.

The problem I am running into, is in this day and age especially in the last six months or so, it has become very difficult to raise money, banks aren’t handing it out like candy anymore, VCs want way to large of a share, and those small business grants the feds used to hand out have all dried up. What is a person supposed to do, where do you turn when the economy is in the gutter.

It is counter intuitive to spend money in a time of recession but this is what is needed right now. I am not the only one out there with ideas, and I am not the only one looking for start-up money. The government thinks that infrastructure programs are the way to boost the economy, and yes they will have an impact; the construction worker needs a company to work for, that company needs administration, those administrators need to buy food and so on. But really these jobs are already there and all the secondary and tertiary jobs are either low paying or non skilled.

How about flooding the market with VC money, get that great talent moving, get them into gear creating the next best thing. See how I linked that. As much as we want to go back to the days of old we are here and now, and the only way to move on is to create the next thing to move to.

If you are a VC or an investor and looking for the next best thing to put your money into leave me a message and I’ll pitch you my idea, or ideas I have plenty.