So over the last few days I have been hit with the virus Swen. I have not gotten infected but my spam box now has 333 emails containing the virus.

I switched from using Norton Virus protection to AVG Anti-Virus Free Version. Surprisingly I have found this free version more responsive than Norton. And it doesn’t eat resources.

So check out AVG Version 7

8 thoughts on “Swen

  1. Hackboy

    I dont use a virus scanner, I do however patch my server constantly. I don’t open any e-mails on the server either. I don’t think its a big deal. I’m waiting till I can get my hands on Norton 2004, I wonder if it will work on server 2003 properly.

  2. ReCk

    No matter what you need a Server version of Norton. I have AVG running on my server and it works fine.

    So you dont use virus protection eh… So if i emailed you the swen you would be screwed… ahahahhahahahahaha.

  3. Hackboy

    What makes you think I would open an attachment from you if I didnt know what it was! Im not fucking stupid

  4. ReCk

    With swen you dont have to open it…

  5. Hackboy

    I would have to open the e-mail… I dont have my preview pane on.

  6. archos

    AVG Anti-virus is actually quite nice. Couldn’t count the times I’ve had to uni
    nstall a fucked up Norton when luddits can’t check email. AVG ties into outlook
    very well, and has free updates, don’t even need a cracked version. Installed
    it for many clients.

  7. ReCk

    I like its feature of it adding a small footer to emails saying that is has been check and verified to be virus free.

  8. archos

    just wonder when i will see worms transferred by email certifying themselves virus free . would be a good social engineering trick