Suspense Brings Hits

Hackboy is under the impression that suspense will bring more hits. So I have added a really cheezy intro page. Enjoy!

Also I was just talking to my cousin Mel, and some how I gave the idea that she needs to teach her boyfriend a lesson, by tieing his penis to the door and then slamming the door. As I think about it now, no man deserves that kind of torture. I just had to share that with everyone.

2 thoughts on “Suspense Brings Hits

  1. Hackboy

    Seriously what the hell is wrong with that relationship. You’re right, no man deserves that kind of torture. You don’t see us wanting to do anything psychotic to our girl friends. I dont know if women understand how much even a little slap can hurt… *cries*

  2. ReCk

    the part i left out was that – I said it could be turned into a CUP & BALL game. It hurts just thinking about.