Okay today I went to Real Canadian Wholesale to buy my monthly rations, when walking back to the car I heard the screams of a baby crying from the parking lot, so I started walking around trying to find where it was coming from. Looked into a van and saw an infant streaming, his colour was bright red and all the doors lock, with only a little window open. It was 30c in the shade. So i called 911 immediately, they took all the information, the Fire Department shows up about 5 minutes later, in the mean while a maybe 11 year old kid comes and opens the door, I tell him that a baby is not to be left alone in a car, he says “I know but my brother is in the store.” I checked the baby, he was burning up, so I know the kid had to be in there for sometime. Fire Department took my information, and the Fire Cheif went into store looking for the parents.

I seriously hope the police prosecute these people, and if i get called to testify I will be there as fast as possible. I don’t care if you leave a baby in a car for 1 second, you do not do that.

And on a side not, my cell phone worked like a charm, it has the Enhanced911 feature that locks the phone so that you can’t hang up until the police release it, and since I didn’t know the exact address of the store, they access my gps and found me that way, it was interesting the screen goes bright red when you call 911 and has LOCKED written accross it, but then it dinged and said GPS ACCESS, so the police found me that way. Nice feature.

But to the main point if I ever find someone has left a another baby in a car, so hope me, I will rip you a new one.

2 thoughts on “STUPID

  1. Cabrinie

    Oh wow – did you stick around to find out what the parents looked like. I mean it may have been a case of asking one sibling to sit with the other because they were going to run in really quick – I mean it happens. But if you had time to do all that – and still nobody showed up then I would be like grr. Hope everybody is okay.

  2. kevan

    It is wonderfull that you did all that. Often people would have just walked away or gone into the store and tried to get a clerk to do something and then walked away.

    You did good.