Okay, I kept my mouth shut this Provincial Election, though I spent the last two years explaining to Albertans that they need to ask questions, and to question the actions of the government.

Let me first start off with my disappointment. On this day, November 22, 2004 the province of Alberta elected the fourth consecutive Ralph Klein government. Let me explain to you why this is a total disappointment for myself and for all Albertans.

Number one – Ralph Klein, began this election campaign by telling Albertans that only people that “look” disable, meaning have a physically visible disability should qualify for assisted living. Do not forget this is the same premiere that walked into a shelter totally intoxicated and beat up a homeless person.

Number two – Ralph Klein, said out right he has no promises to make, no plan for the future.

Number three – Ralph Klein, did not show up to the debate in his own riding. Said it wasn’t important.

Number four – Ralph Klein, said no matter what Albertans say, I know better and I’ll do what I think is right. Even a monkey could have made Alberta prosper with the amount of oil money that has been flown in.

Number five – Albertans, said people should stop picking on the Premier. Wait a minute I thought as elected officials it was the duty of society and opposition parties to ask questions.

Number six – Alberta has a shortage of hospitals, Ralph Klein decides to blow one up, and then spend three billion dollars to build another one that has less capacity. Then said that I do not need to explain myself.

Number seven – A new provincial court house, instead of using public money to build it, a private corporation is going to build, the province will rent the building from them for 25 years. Best part since it would be a conflict of interest, the builder can never be brought to court.

Number eight – Ralph Klein, claims that he has raised education funding by eight percent. Let me explain this one to you, first he cut education spending by five percent, then raised tuition by three percent. So if you do that math. 100 + 8 = 108 – 5 = 103 -3 = 100. Hmmm something is fishy about those numbers.

Number nine – Ralph Klein, says that he will never allow same sex marriages in Alberta. Wait a second that is federal territory, not provincial. He cannot do anything to stop it.

Number ten – This is a biggy. Albertans think they are seen as stupid cowboys, well they just proved it. They have just elected a party that told you that, you do not matter, that has no plan for the future, will not talk about any issues, and made it almost impossible to get a look at the provincial books (they changed the access to information act waiting time from3 days to 9 months, and changed it from being free to $1.50 a page). So now do you see why you may be seen as stupid cowboys? YOU ELECTED A PARTY THAT HAD NO PLATFORM, NO VISION, NO GOALS… WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?

5 thoughts on “STUPID ALBERTANS

  1. Cabrinie

    Okay – tomorrow I would like you to analysis each of the other parties platforms and tell us what’s wrong (or right) with them. (Don’t forget the comunist party.)

  2. Jason

    Why should I critique the other parties, they had platforms, the PC’s didnt.

  3. Cabrinie

    Well – I just want your approach to them – that’s all. If I read it in the paper it might be biased. (You always say it is.) Plus this way I it will have flow from one party to the next – look at the same issues and such.

  4. kevan

    I think his point is telling. Ralph said that an election is no place to talk about policy! then when is it. We elected a pig in a poke and we look foolish. Again

  5. Tracy

    Not only did Albertans vote them back into office. There was an election for Senators in waiting, what a *bleep* waste of money. They are appointed, stupid Klein somehow thinks by spending millions of dollars having this farce of an elction will make a difference. IDIOT! I personally left my senator ballot blank agghh How can Albertans be so damm stupid. Lets’s sit on billions of dollars while our education and health care systems fall apart.