Speed Up Your Connection

OK This is for anyone using Windows XP.

I tried it myself and I saw a noticeable increase. Use this link as a test file to test your speed. Test File 600MB

01. Log on as “Administrator”.
02. Run – gpedit.msc
03. Expand the “Local Computer Policy” branch.
04. Then expand the “Administrative Templates” branch.
05. Expand the “Network” branch.
06. Highlight the “QoS Packet Scheduler” in left pane.
07. In the right window pane double-click the “Limit Reservable Bandwidth” setting.
08. On the settings tab check the “Enabled” item.
09. Change “Bandwidth limit %” to read 0.
10. Then go to your Network connections Start=>Control Panel>Network & Internet connections>Network Connections and right-click on your connection. Then under the General or the Networking tab, (where it lists your protocols) make sure QoS packet scheduler is enabled.

Make Sure to reboot.

7 thoughts on “Speed Up Your Connection

  1. ReCk

    I averaged about 360KB/sec before the edit now it is averaging 560KB/sec, test was performed within 5 minutes of each other. And it spiked out at about 618KB/sec.

  2. Hackboy

    Thats bull… QoS only kicks in at that certain percentage of bandwidth being used. The only place you’d see a difference is on a 100Mb/sec network. Last I checked your cable modem doesn’t go near that speed. There is no way you are using even close to 10% of the pipe on your NIC. If it DID make a difference, maybe it could be due to the fact that you may have connected to another mirrored server when you tried doing the test.

  3. ReCk

    The test was performed with one connection, if you want i can post the screen shots of the speed i was getting, cause it even surprised me.

  4. Hackboy

    Did you start the download…. let it go for a few minutes and make the change? Or did you test it before the change, stop the download, make the change and start it up again? I would think that you’d most likely get a mirror of some kind, even if its the same URL…. you can still have multiple IP’s linked to it.

  5. ReCk

    Here are the photos

  6. ReCk

    Just to clearify.

    I originally downloaded the file without the edit. and saw an average download speed of 360KB/sec.

    I then deleted the file, cleared the cache, and re-downloaded the file with the edit. and saw an average of 560KB/sec.

    As you can see from the first picture even with 100MB downloaded it was still going at 594KB/sec.

    In the second photo you can see two downloads each going over 400KB/sec those actually leveled out at 390KB/sec by the end of the download.

  7. Cabrinie

    Again you gyes need help