Some Good Podcast

Okay Joshua has me coming around lately I been moving more and more to the dark side. But I still do not like iTunes but the only reason I use it, is for Podcasts. For the Podcast deficient people out there. All a Podcast is, is a radio or video show that is broadcast through RSS feeds.

Here is a list of some really good Podcast I listen to.

This Week in Tech
– This one is a collaboration between all the original host of The ScreenSavers from the now defunct TechTV, great show if you are into Tech.
– If you have been coming to my site lately you must have seen some post from Digg, well those are me just use the site to post some interesting stories. is a site where people submit stories they find and others digg the story and it grows in popularity. But Diggnation is a feed done by again some host from The ScreenSavers but they evaluate some stories from Digg.coma and give their opinion. Watch it though this one is not PG13.
– Again another feed done by some host from The ScreenSavers but this show is a howto for some more technically advance projects.
KFI’s Tech Guy
– This feed is done by Leo Laport the host of Call for Help on TechTV Canada, it’s a long show, and is geared towards the newbies in the crowd.
– This one is done by Amber McCarthy a co-host on Call for Help, and I have to say one of the cutest nerds you’ll ever see.

CBC Radio 3
– I have always been a big promoter of CBC content, and this feed is all the latest and greatest independent music coming out of our great land.

The Great White North
– This one is just funny to listen to.

Here is the link to download iTunes