Snow Removal

OK OK. What is it with Western Canada when it comes to snow removal. Both Winnipeg and Calgary have snow removal budgets that are less than the budget to clear snow off the Champlain Bridge in Montreal. Think about this the budget for Montreal is 15 Million dollars for every 4 cm of snow. That is Winnipeg’s budget for one full year. And in Montreal all streets and sidewalks get cleared within 6 hours of snow. Winnipeg waits till it stops snowing and will only clear main roads. Here in Calgary it can take 3 days to have main roads clear and they claim sidewalks are not a priority. No residential streets will ever see a plow. The street around the corner that has about 20 homes on it has a drift that is over the cars, and no one has come to clear the road. What is there was an emergency there is not way an ambulance or fire truck could get down that street. When i went to the movies Saturday night it was like driving off road on a trail that has been abandoning for years. This is ridiculous; there is no reason why the Cities do not clear the roads within hours of the snow. I found out that the city of Calgary only has 18 plows and at least 3 are always in the shop. So 15 plows to clear the whole city. Wow there is more snow removal power to clear the Champlain bridge than there is to clear a whole city. Something seems wrong with that. Even the small community of Candiac where I lived in Quebec would clear roads before people left for work. I think little Candiac had 8 plows and there was only 20000 people living in Candiac. So come on Western Canada learn how to clear roads, maybe there would be less accidents if you did. If you dont want to clear the streets, do what Toronto did get heated streets, most of the downtown core of Toronto has heated streets, it says them major money. Damn Prarie folk.

8 thoughts on “Snow Removal

  1. archos

    Maybe western canada just knows how to deal with snow.. let it pile up.. who cares. Snow is easy enough to deal with. I grew up in the country, the road got cleared only when it got so bad that 4×4 trucks got stuck. We didn’t even have sidewalks, and yet, i had to walk a mile to school everyday in that snow. Fuck Montreal.. grow some balls, and then talk.

  2. ReCk

    Wow talk about a typical western response. Things are different when you have a few thousands people compared to a 5 million. If a large city was to leave the streets get like what you say is normal for your small town 10’s of thousands of people would die.

    Highway 2 north of Calgary is line with cars that ran off the road because it wasn’t cleared properly.

    So when you actually get out of the small town frame of mind come back and give an educated response.

  3. archos

    small town frame of mine, whatever, city folk just don’t know how to drive. I saw it today on my way to work, they take these big SUV’s 4×4 and think they can drive on the snow as if it were summer. Then they get into accidents.

  4. Hackboy

    I say that we should all get our own personal plows and not have to worry at all. Then we can clean the streets on the way to work ourselves, it’s win-win.

  5. Sister

    This is for archos, man you really need to join the real world. Calgary’s attempt at snow clearing is for the shits. The only streets they clear are the main arteries, what good does that do once your in the residential areas none, my street only have 4 inch gaps in the road. My kids walk to school everyday, 1km to chool and they need to be safe. So I say Calgary clear the goddam roads and sidewalks no wonder so many paople are in accidents. I lived in Montreal on a main street and not only where all the side streets plowed but do where the damn side walks. Forget about the fact that Montreal gets about 200 to 350cm a winter, use common sense, people here seem to panic every time their flurries. And please you had to walk a mile to school in the snow, man you sound like our father and he’s 48. So piss off with your complaints. this city needs to adjust their snow removal budget and clear the damn streets. Now I’m irrate, great back to work.

  6. ReCk

    Actually Montreals annual snow fall is about 800cm.

  7. Sister

    Oh aren’t you a mister know it all, anf no it is not that high, you little freak. Find me where it says that the average annual snow fall is 800cm.

  8. ReCk

    Sorry that was record snowfall, everage snowfall in the Monterigie is 380cm and on the Island 260cm