Simple Esthetics

There is a point when loose garbage becomes more then just a few pieces of paper. You know what I am talking about, we have all done it at least once in our lives, do not see a garbage can around so you just let your candy wrapper fly in the wind.

So what is this article about, I just got back from spending 30 days traveling across our great nation by train and bus, if you have never done it, you really should. Visit ViaRail for details on their CanRail Pass which for 500$ you can travel anywhere in Canada for 30 days. The trip was great, and I got to say Via staff is top notch, especially since they are with you for sometimes over night, meaning they got to put up with you even when you are druggy at 6 am. But let us get back on target here, the train goes through some of the most industrious areas of our nation, and through some of the most expensive communities you would ever see. But the thing these zones have in common, is the amount of trash that they both throw behind their fences, I saw barrels with toxic symbols, peoples old cars, you name it I saw it behind there fence. Not only is it the most degusting seen I have ever witnessed, but ViaRail promotes itself on the beauty of our country and what do people see when they look out their windows, enough garbage to fill every landfill in Canada. You would be surprised to see on many people have sheds, structures and you name on areas that are not even theirs.

Come on people take some pride not only in your own belongings but take some pride for the esthetics of your surroundings. I have a assignment for everyone today, if you have a cameras, I want you to take a picture of yourself picking up trash that, and get this, is not yours. I then want you to walk behind your fence, of your house, apartments, office, so on and I want to you to take a picture of what you see. The first person that can post a picture that shows absolutely no trash will get a 1 hour free consultation on marketing for you or business from JINCS Media by either myself or Joshua (he doesn’t know it yet but he will)

But back to the point we are trying to set ourselves as a leader when it comes to the environment but if activist see what we have behind the fence, we would be labeled as a major polluter. So do your part, even if it is not yours, and show the world that we are not pigs.

Today’s rant was brought to you by the letter P.