Shut Up and Listen

Well, myself and a good friend of mine are both taking online classes right now, and for fun we share each others weekly questions and responses because it is interesting to see our views. But this week was a little more interesting. Both our classes’ involved questions that got me on a rant. You might say well that’s nothing different I rant on an hourly basis about something but this one tops the cakes. ENJOY

Class (Friend): Principles of Ethics

Should President Roosevelt in the late 1930s have gone to war sooner to fight the Nazis? Would we have been prepared go earlier? Did the United States allow the Nazis to gain too much power by not standing up earlier?


Let us remember this is a class about ethics, and if it is ethical or not to enter into a war. In the case of WWII it affected a continent and was by a ruler that had conquest on his mind. Now the question is should the United States had entered earlier? Well yes, we are all members of this world and it is time that we realise that we are all on the same planet and stop thinking as if we are only a country. The United States and every country that had any way of involving themselves should have trued to stop the killings.

Step back a second and look at what Hitler did to Europe and now look at what Bush has done in Iraq, these 2 wars are no similar it sickens me. It seems that the world didn’t learn from WWII if we have let the US do what they did and are still doing.

Remember people this is one world and we are one people, what affects one affects us all and we need to stop thinking as oneself and starting as one.

Class (Mine): Contemporary History


When the Cold War ended, the U.S. emerged as the most powerful nation in the world, dominating in nearly all areas: militarily, politically, economically, and culturally. We are feared and emulated, and millions want to come here to live. Some admire and respect us. Others call us arrogant, greedy, and “full of ourselves.” What do you think? Given this, what is our proper role and responsibility in the new century? And how can we work effectively within the United Nations?


The question I believe is a little biased. But from research into Australia the main connection I could see is Trade, since the United States has the appetite for every good and service that a country can produce. It is interesting that the questions states “emulated” but how many products are actually produce and consumed with the United States, a good portion are coming from other countries especially your largest trading partner to the North Canada. Maybe it is the United States that is emulating everyone else. Trade is what makes this world go round and round, the United States being the capitalist they are will consume anything they can. The last Iraqi war is the greatest example of this. KILL BOMB DESTROY, then use it as a way to make money.

“What do you think? Given this, what is our proper role and responsibility in the new century?”

The proper role would to stop meddling in the affairs of other countries, honour your agreements that you currently have, eliminate the economic sanctions on the countries that did not participate in the Massacre of Iraq. And take a deeper look into your DMCA and Patriot acts since they have turned you from the land of the free to the land of the individuals with no rights. Especially the Patriot Act which can override your constitution.

“And how can we work effectively within the United Nations?”

To work effectively within the United Nations would mean that the United States would need to respect the United Nations and not say Screw Off when it doesn’t meet your vision.

If this sounds like a rant it is, I am the portion of that question “Others call us arrogant, greedy, and “full of ourselves.” ”


The global Cold War seems to have been replaced with something called a War on Terrorism. Do you agree that the world is at war? If so, who exactly is the “enemy” and how can they be defeated?


I think there is one group that is missing from that list of terrorist groups.

The United States Government

Now hold on before you all decided that you need to find your gun and blow me away. Those terrorist groups do what they do, to bring to light their story. I am not condoning their actions and not saying that they are right. But when it comes to how the United States deals with such groups, their actions place them in the same category as the terrorist group. Just because someone has a different view doesn’t mean they are the enemy, no matter how much Fox News says so. Watch this Fifth Estate

Who do I believe to be the enemy right now, the United States and their capitalist self indulged whiners attitude.

Now comes the hate mail. Please forward all hate mail to and make sure to state your name for I can respectfully respond with the truth.