So today I decided to call Shaw and find out about the new Extreme-I service. The women tells me that I have to bring my modem to a Shaw store exchange it for a new one, install it, then call and wait on hold to have someone activate the little bastard.

How about they bring the new modem to me, install it for me, activate for me and be damn happy to do it.

And on a side note, I checked my usuage for a year I have hit 475907 MB which is a grand total of 465GB. Damn I was hoping for 500GB over a year, well I still have a few days I might still hit it.

4 thoughts on “Shaw

  1. Hackboy

    Cool a new setup… it’s a little squishy here at work though. I’m sure it’ll look good at home

  2. ReCk

    Ya I still trying to get the photo section to be a little smaller but the damn css file is not cooperating with me.

  3. Cabrinie

    Well I like it, you seem to got a thing with that orange colour lately. It’s very squishy on my resolution, you’ll tell me to get over it, but yeah could you like switch and put the photos in this frame and the blog in the other frame. (Mind you I have no idea what I am talkin’ about, it looks good!)

  4. ReCk

    Yes i dont care what it looks like on your screen, people shouldnt be running anything lower than 1280×1024