School Day

Well it is my first day of school, I really need to stop going to school, I’ll prob end up as a lifer. I don’t like getting up this early, and now I have to get on the bus and then on the LRT and then walk a few blocks. Its almost like when I was going to Vanier in Saint-Laurant, Quebec. But that was a much longer trip, 2 hours on the bus, 25-35 minutes on the Metro, then a 10 block walk, plus walk across campus because my building was on the far side of the campus. But I need to get my books into my bag now.

3 thoughts on “School Day

  1. Brenden

    I can’t believe I actually clicked on your banner…. I feel like a tool.

  2. archos

    You are a tool, and whats with me not being able to see what i’m typing here… ahh. probably spelt everything wrong. oh well. Brenden, no more banner clicking.

  3. ReCk

    Damnit click the banner…