Ok this has gone too far now, the RIAA sued a 12 year old girl yesterday for $150,000 per song she downloaded. The girls mother settled out of court for $2000. What is the point, The RIAA is claiming that Kazaa and other forms of P2P are the cause of the downturn in music sales. How about this thought, maybe the reason sales of CD’s has gone down, because of the actions the RIAA is taking. They are making people think twice about buying music. Buy a CD support the fight to sue 12 year old girls. Come on, this is ridiculous. This is another perfect example of the American way of thinking. Don’t know how to stop, BOMB IT, for the RIAA their bomb is the Suing. And just like Americans they want everyone to pick up the bill.

So my thought is, Everyone download all the music you want, eventually they will run out of money.

Buying CD’s is supposed to support the artist but all it is doing is helping the RIAA spend the money that was meant for the artist, so why should people buy CD’s. In this country we pay a small levy on record able media which in turns decriminalizes copy copyrighted music, yes you heard me decriminalize, it is still illegal to share copyrighted music but you do not see the CRTC or the RIAC trying to bankrupt every teenager.

So continue downloading your music, share it, let artist make the money from Concerts and advertising. If a pro sports player can get a $100 million dollar endorsement from Nike, so can a music artist.

Here is another thought why don’t we sue the RIAA with Societal Racial Profiling. Think about they are targeting a select group of people that share a common activity, to me that can be considered a societal group. Or how about Internet Genocide. Eventually someone with enough power with fight back.

Its good to be Canadian.

If you want to read the article that set me off.
RIAA keeps 12-year-old quiet with $2,000 bill

One thought on “RIAA GO AWAY

  1. Hackboy

    Do you honestly think that the RIAA would run out of money? They most likely would ask for government funding (if they don’t already get it) and then use tax payers dollars to sue people, the irony.

    I really don’t think that an artist can get an endorsement deal with a company as easily as an athlete. First off, most musicians aren’t in the public eye long enough. They release an album and there is buzz for a month or so, then it’s over. Plus they would have to promote a product that applies to the same demographic as their music. I don’t think many people are going to feel the need to buy products endorsed by musicians that they dislike.

    Oh yea, the Americans don’t bomb, it’s NUKE.. get with it.