Religion In Schools

As you can see I have added a poll on the right side, and this weeks question is, Do You Think Region Should Be Taught in Schools?

I asked this because well I live in Alberta now and if you want to go to elementary and high school that is not religious you have to go to private school. But I grew up in la Belle Province and religion is not part of school, and for a really good reason. This country is the most diverse nation in the world, how can you teach one religion to the school body that could be made up of a 100 faiths. How would you feel if from now on in school they taught the Koran?

Religion should be something that is practice in the home, and be a private matter, teaching it in school just is one more way for one view to be pushed upon the masses. Over the history of humanity, what has been the major cause of most wars? RELIGION. When are we going to learn that it doesn’t matter what you believe you have no right to tell someone else that they are no good or that they don’t matter because they do not believe in your faith.

Look at the Middle East, the supposed birth place of Christianity. They have been fighting even before the modern calendar, all because they each believe something else and they think each is wrong. It just doesn’t make sense. To teach religion in school just leads to more hatred for others.

If you are going to teach religion in school, fine teach the basic concepts of the major religions of the world just not one.

Everyone knows that I am atheist, I find no need for religion, I find no need for faith, and I definitely do not find the need to believe in a god.

People have been studying this thing called the bible for millennia; well you know what like every other story out there is changes from story teller to story teller. And that’s all it is, a story; just like Cat in the Hat is a story so is the bible. Now I know I am going to get a really nasty look from my other half on this post but she knows my views on this matter, so it shouldn’t come as any surprise that I would finally post something on this issue.

In my mind this world would be so far more advanced if religion was never a question.

To quote one of my teachers. “ I have bought the condo next to the boilers in hell” wait that would mean I would have to believe in that. HAHAHA hell, don’t get me started on that one, IF YOU DON’T FOLLOW THIS BOOK OF STORIES YOU ARE GOING TO HELL. Sounds like the makings of a cult, oh ya Christianity is a cult.

23 thoughts on “Religion In Schools

  1. Cabrinie

    There are public schools in Alberta that you can attend, you DO NOT have to go to a private school as the only alternative to a school in which you take one class in Religion, which is I think 3 credits. People have fought wars in history and will continue to fight them, not because of religion, but, because it’s human nature. Even so as an example the Cold War fought in the 20th Century, had absolutely nothin’ to do with religion. Other schools can, will, and do offer other religious points of view in this province, and in the world, there are not only Catholic School teaching one view. Christianity is not founded on the belief that you are better than any other individual. And it does not breed hated in any ways shape or form. Hatred stems from the nature in which those beliefs are taught, and the manner in which the individual interprets them. However, you are entitled to your opinion, and champion your ability to voice said opinion in whichever non-harmful way you wish to do so, and I so it without placing any judgement on you.
    However, because I read this and can’t help be feel you are tryin’ to piss me off – Do some research before you go mouthin’ off. Hugs and Kisses Darlin’

  2. ReCk

    Yes true you could go to public school, try to find one, in the area around where I live there are roughly 12 schools, and if im not mistaking not one of them is public.

    One the Cold War wasn’t a war, thats why its called the cold war.

    You missed the point of this article. Religion has been the major issue in most conflicts in this world for most of humanity, If its the Pakistan vs India, Isreal vs Palestien, Britain vs World (ok that was a conquest but they still found the need to convert everyone to a religion)

    I would like to see religion taking from the public eye and placed in the home, that way no one sees or cares what religion you are.

  3. ReCk

    And I didn’t write this one to piss you off.

  4. Tracy

    Aghhh sometimes you’re just an idiot, by the way I can say this as I am his sister with two kids in school. Me and Steve made a concsious decision to put our kids in Catholic school even though it is 1km from the house and the have to walk. There is a public school right next door to us you fool and they do not teach religion but morals I know as my neighbors kids attends this school. And just so you know you freak, la belle province as you put used to have religious school boards, I know went to a Catholic high school. Anyway, there are options for those who do not wish to receive religious education in school.

  5. ReCk

    Ok fine there a damn public school in the area, wow one. Religion is a waste of time and energy.

    And yes I know Quebec had key word HAD religious school boards. But I had the pleasure of going through school without the religion, but even that you had the option at school. You could take the Morals class, the christian class, the world religion class, and so on. When i left Centennial there were 12 options for religion classes. But the point is you had the option. You have no option here. You go to this school or you go to another school. Why spen the extra money on having differnet schools for this. Just eliminate it all together, all schools the same, and everyone is happy.

  6. Cabrinie

    Whatever, I get the point you are never wrong, and if people just listened to you the world would be a better place. Even if everything you said was true, and it’s NOT. You saying that saying that religion should be removed from the public eye is no different than asking minorities to go somewhere else and exist, where everybody else doesn’t have to see them. Part of what makes Canada, not just Alberta, or B.C. or Ontario, or P.E.I. or any other dam province or territory, I am talkin’ about the whole dam thing is that there is freedom here to practice your faith whatever it may be. Call me crazy, but that freedom is what makes Canada so attractive to everybody else. Hence it’s part of the reason Canada is so diverse. Because people are free to exist in the public eye. Religion shouldn’t have to be hidden. But your right, we should remove organizations that offer a place to go and meet other people with the same interest, to practice your beliefs, or allow people to express themselves. I mean what on earth were we thinking. While we are on the subject here, what else are we pushing behind closed doors, I mean if you start with religion what goes next. All these fine art places, (I mean that’s expression right there, religion is expression), anything to do with the justice too, (again people are believing in equality there and the roots of right and wrong could be easily confused with morals or ethics, and that’s too close to religion). Why am I trying to list them off? You being an expert in what people should be exposed too and all, this is a job for you.

  7. ReCk

    Its my site im always right.

  8. Cabrinie

    Isn’t that what I said, your right, now onto the list of things we are eliminating next.

  9. Tracy

    Go Cabrinie Go. I knew there was a reason I like you. Do me a favor, every now and then smack him in the head for me. Oh and get him to get a job.

  10. ReCk

    I have had 3 offers in the las month, but they all conflict with my messed up schedule, so shut your hole on that.

  11. Tracy

    That’s when you work nights or the weekend

  12. Cabrinie

    I gotta agree with her, you could fit something in if you really needed to. It would be crappy work, but it can be done. And spanxks darlin’ nothin’ like gettin’ permission for abuse.

  13. Hackboy

    I really really want to get in this, but I don’t at the same time. My views on religion equal or almost surpass Jasons’. BUT there is one difference, I think that people can believe in it, but I wouldn’t want it anywhere near my family. That is of course, unless someone in my family did believe. In that case I would not want them to talk about their faith in “god” around me.

    So in short, I don’t care if you believe in it, just don’t go around saying “love jeebus because I do”.

  14. ReCk

    Dont forget the jeebus guy outside of Portage Place that loved you so much.

  15. Cabrinie

    See you at least give it that much respect, Mr. Banish It From Sight however. See I don’t get where he gets off judging it. To him it doesn’t exisit, so that means he could never have experienced it which means you couldn’t fully understand it. So how can you fairly judge anything you don’t believe exists (cause if its not there, then why are you talkin’ about it.) How do you comment on something you’ve never experienced, and you know what going mass, and physically being there just doesn’t count. Cause if you don’t know what’s going on and why it’s happening your really not experiencing anything. It would be like, going to party where everybody else is high – doesn’t mean your high. But all those things they’re laughin ‘their @$$ off about, you couldn’t possibly get. You don’t understand it, so you really have no place talkin’ about it. I mean if you can reference it, religion/mass to a cult, then your not gettin’ to point, and you may never. Which is totally cool, cause you don’t have to, that whole freedom to choose dealeo we got going on. You bitchign about religion would be like me going on about; Native customs (Prob. not the right word there, but that’s why I don’t talk about it), Political Science (yup don’t understand it, don’t count myself an expert capable of making plausible commentary on the subject), Or what it’s like to walk on the moon(haven’t expereinced it). Nobody has to belief, you don’t even have to like the fact that others do. But just because you don’t like something, and don’t want it around, doesn’t mean that’s the way it should be. After all if that was the case, and I had my way, there’d be less rude people in the world, amount other things.

  16. ReCk

    Again you have missed the point. Why whould enducational instituation be teaching it, you want to learn it go to your place of worship. That way you learn what you want and everyone else not being forced to learn it.

  17. Cabrinie

    Right, why are they teaching things at educational insitiutions? Again with you don’t have to go to a religious school.

  18. Cabrinie

    And didn’t you say that religion should be removed and only taught in the home. So dude where do you go if you go if your parent’s (or whomever you live with, should you live with anybody) doesn’t have the answer?

  19. ReCk

    whats the question, GOD is a taught concept, if you are never exposed to the concept of religion you would not have questions relating to it.

  20. Cabrinie

    So why do we still tell kids about Sanata Clause, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, etc.? People believe in religion, so to them it’s not just a concept, it’s a real thing. So you are sayin’ that through not exposing people to things we can eliminate them. I mean technology, and medicine are both taught concepts, why bother with those. Yeah they benefit humanity, but religion has historically done the same thing too. Why would you deny a person the right to believe? Through not educating those who choose to be educated, your denyin’ them. You choose not to believe or except it, shouldn’t other people be able to choose to believe, they aren’t hurting anybody. You can choose not to attend a religious school. Why don’t you get that?

  21. ReCk

    When teaching this concept that is not a proven science, to children how do you let them choose you cannot, at a young age children believe anything you tell, how is that given them the choice. I still beleive if this world wants to keep religion around, it should only be explained to a person when they are able to made the decision to believe or not to beleive.

  22. Cabrinie

    That child when he or she grows up will be able to make that choice themselves. Then they can make an informed educated decision. I am not saying every single person should put their kids in a religious school. But if your parents feel strongly enough to put you in a school has one class in it, then you know what, religion will be in your home in some form or another. There is no way to avoid be exposed to it. It’s just adding another things to the list of I’ll tell you when you are older. Should parents get a babysitter for their kids any time they attend a religious function, and tell them they can go when they are older, and capable of making decisions themselves?

  23. Tracy

    I agree with Cabrinie, we put the kids in the Catholic school system to give them a base to wrok off of. If they decide when they enter high school that its not for them then by all means they can chose what they want, be it another religion, aetheism or what have you. But at least I’m giving them something. Should we point out that Mr. Jason ia a baptized Catholic, not that it’s relevant since he never did anything past that and rebel against any religious institution. Personally, I believe the Catholich church needs to move into the 21st century, their against birth control in countries where their isn’t enough for the population as it is, and these babies end up dying within the first two years of life. Now is that fair on the mother or the child I don;t hink so. But alas i have quite a few problems with the church, I went to Catholic schools and it didn’t leave me disillusioned, so I geive my children a foundation, that doesn’t mean I’m not going to teach them about other religions or cultures. Aghh this religion debate could go on for ever. So I end it with this, you want to believe, believe, if you don’t, don’t. Just don’t pass judment on people because of it. If you wna ta really good read, Try the DaVinci code. It’s fascinating and provides a what if scenario if things had gone differently 2 thousand years ago.