ReCkMedia.COM Coming Soon

Well after going through all the Domain names that you people suggested I decided to say screw you, and decided on ReCkMedia.COM. ReCkMedia.COM will be a cheap hosting service that will be eventually connected to Local-Tech.CA (which is still in development). This is for all those people out there that don’t want to pay for hosting, or just want to mess around with a web site.

The new domain specs.
1GB Storage
40GB Monthly usage
4×9 Up-Time rating
MySQL (Limited Qty.) (add. $)
FTP Access.
Dedicated IP available (add. $)
POP3 (SPAM Filters), (Virus Scanning)

Yes you read that right 1GB of storage. Through this new service I can host your site with your domain, or I can create a sub domain off ReCkMedia.COM. I’m still looking at pricing, but most likely you will be seeing around 1$ a month for hosting your site. Stay tuned for more information.

There are two domains that are in the works to be hosted on my new Service. Please stay tuned.

10 thoughts on “ReCkMedia.COM Coming Soon

  1. archos

    Only POP3, no IMAP?

  2. ReCk

    No no IMAP, POP3 and 3 types of webmail. Still setting up. the site should be up in a few hours, as soon as the DNS info gets around to shaw.

  3. archos

    webmail is only good if your email is there too. That’s where IMAP is a star.

  4. ReCk

    not sure what you mean there

  5. archos

    IMAP stores all your email on the server. Also allows you to create folders on the server to store your mail in, orgranize it etc.

  6. ReCk

    but that can be done with webmail. not seeing your point of IMAP

  7. archos

    a properly done IMAP/Webmail setup will give you the same access from a client email program, as from webmail. So when your at your own computer, you can use the client, if you’re away you have full access via webmail.

  8. ReCk

    Im not seeing the difference, the webmail setups that i have, allow that kind of control.

  9. archos

    POP3 doesn’t allow you access to the folders from a mail client such as Eudora. IMAP gives you access to these. So unless you always want to use Webmail, or always want to use the client the setup stinks.

  10. ReCk

    Well i have just added the IMAP feature to my hosting service, still messing around with it but i now have it. So i now have pop3 3xWebmail and IMAP