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I just finished reading all the post to the ZDNET story about MS being hit by a DOS attack. You know what all the talk about MS being un secure and full of wholes, is bullshit. Yes Windows has some issues, but even all the distros out there of Linux are full of wholes. I installed Red Hat and Mandrake a few weeks ago, and when I went to their OS update features, there were more patches and fixes than I see with a new install of WinXP. What about 5 months ago when it was found that Apache on Linux was flawed, and it came down to 80% of Apache web servers were not updated and were vulnerable to a very serious attack.

The whole issue that Windows is more likely to get a virus, well ya, because all those damn script kiddies out there running their Linux box are sitting writing viruses to affect Windows. If every Windows users suddenly decided to write virus for Linux and Unix, they would be in the same boat.

It all comes down to safe computing, we all have the same issues no matter if we are on Windows, Linux, and even Amiga. If you don’t protect yourself you are a fool. A simple firewall, a simple virus scan, why is that so hard.

As everyone knows I am a Windows users, always have, and until there is a Linux distro out there that makes me look twice, I will stay a Windows user. The only time I have problems with Windows is when a third party company has written bad code and gets dumped by Windows. And for everyone out there that say W2K3 is crap, I say, just try it, I have been running it for almost a year and the only problem I had was when MySQL failed and that is a third party app.

So use the OS that you are comfortable with, just make sure you keep it up to date, and protect yourself.

Windows user.

4 thoughts on “Protect Your OSS

  1. Hackboy

    This working yet?

  2. Hackboy

    Spoken like a true Windows user. There is some truth to your statement. The reason why most virii are written to attack windows is because the people that write this code are out to do one thing, piss a lot of people off. Most people that have a PC are running a M$ platform of some kind, so in other words, the larger the audience the larger your successes. Another reason why you don’t see many viruii for Linux is because most Windows users aren’t intelligent enough to write code that will exploit holes in a ‘nix operating system. There is ALWAYS a way around, and there are ALWAYS holes. Most people don’t have things like a virus scanner or a firewall up because they are inconvienient. I personally hate firewalls because they can somtimes prevent me from doing things that I want to do. Virus scanners eat CPU cycles so they aren’t my friend either. Those cycles are mine to use up with SETI (just kidding)

  3. archos

    Use an OS that your comfortable with, I agree. But I must respond to you regarding bugs, holes, etc in various operating systems.

    Sure when you do Mandrake update you find lots of updates, many of them, for many different programs. Many of them are fixes for the little games, and toys that are included with the distribuation, and not the actual core systems. Flaws are found in core systems too, but they are fixed right away, and another patch is given out, and a new update is found. There is no waiting for a service pack so that they can hide a flaw among all the other fixes, there is no waiting months before a fix comes out.

    So if you install mandrake, install the games, and a number of desktops, and many toys, you are going to get patches for them. This is not Mandrakes fault, they just bundle a ton of programs together with the OS so you can have a complete systems right from the install.

    On a server system, I don’t install the GUI interfaces, I don’t install games, and all that, I only install the needed components.

    People don’t make as many viruses for Linux cause it is hard. No email client exists for Linux that automatically launches viruses. If and when a virus does infect a computer, it runs at the privlidges of the user who launched it. Since I’m rarely if ever logged in as root, the virus would only destroy files the user created. Thats one of the reasons you have backups, and viruses for linux are easy enough to stop and get rid of.

  4. Hackboy

    Good point, I forgot that people are rarely logged on as root on their system.